My sincerest apologies

For being gone for 15 whole days! How did you handle life without regular blog postings from your truly?

I can answer that, I think, for most of you that read this.. you were involved in The Wedding. The Wedding of Rachel and Chuck. Which was amazing and perfect and I have so much to tell you OMG.

While I work on that, I’ve got something fun for you to look at.

If you know me, you know that one of my favoritest writers is David Sedaris. And in one of his books, he writes a piece reviewing a children’s pageant. And it is hilarious.

There’s someone on the Internet doing something similar. He’s reviewing kids’ artwork.

Now, before I give you the link, a disclaimer.

I am a huge fan of kid-made artwork. The closet door of my bedroom is covered in drawings by some of my favorite kiddos.

But this guy…it’s just so funny.

Here’s an example of a drawing and some of his commentary, found at his site, titled I Am Better Than Your Kids:

“At some point Gage drew as much as he could and thought that he needed help from an expert in mouth and ear anatomy. Unfortunately, all he had was his sister.
Your sister’s contributions to this drawing are indistinguishable from your own, if not worse (apparently your ear is translucent and floats in front of your head). Why?”

I love it.

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