ANOTHER magical night

Once upon a time my girls and I had a Girls Night and watched Magic Mike. Another night, we got brave and decided to do crafts and watch the best sequel of all time, Magic Mike XXL. What follows, as before, is the unfiltered commentary overheard (from me by them) during the run of that beautifulContinue reading “ANOTHER magical night”

You need to watch Breaking Bad

You might have heard this a lot already. Hell, there’s a pretty good chance you heard it from me. Especially recently. You need to watch Breaking Bad. It’s the best show ever. You can binge watch ’cause the series finale just happened. Also, I never steer people wrong when it comes to television. Seriously. I’veContinue reading “You need to watch Breaking Bad”

My sincerest apologies

For being gone for 15 whole days! How did you handle life without regular blog postings from your truly? I can answer that, I think, for most of you that read this.. you were involved in The Wedding. The Wedding of Rachel and Chuck. Which was amazing and perfect and I have so much toContinue reading “My sincerest apologies”

Overheard at the Oscar party

I never watch awards shows. But I did last night. Maybe it was ’cause of James Franco. Maybe it was ’cause I’d actually seen more than one of the movies nominated. Most likely it was ’cause my sister sent out a Facebook message that said she was hosting an Oscars party in my parents’ basement.Continue reading “Overheard at the Oscar party”