Smiley things

I think I’ve said before that perspective is a hell of a thing. Life could be much worse and luckily, it’s not. That said, I’m not apologizing for my recent melodrama because it was the truth of what I was feeling at the time.

Now, having come out of it – and having taken a serious metaphorical chill pill – there’s less to worry about and more to be happy about.

Wanna know what’s making me smile lately?

I knew you would.

• Zee Avi’s Concrete Wall – Not the official video, but it’s got Kermit in it and it’s an awesome song.

Alligator Sunglasses.

• Bookshelves that are overflowing. I’m never getting a Kindle. Well. Maybe. Currently reading: “Thunderstruck” by Erik Larson.

• Shameless on Showtime. Thank you, Roommate and new channels with Insight Cable.

• Photography jobs – kind of. I’ve completed one photo session with one of my favorite engaged couples for their Save-The-Dates and I have another shoot next weekend. Add that to the possibility of a third as well as being asked to bring my camera and shoot some stuff at the bf’s beach wedding and you have one happy – and busy – budding photographer girl.

• THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE COMES OUT IN A MONTH. Sorry for the caps, but now that HP is done, I have to have a new series to get hyped about.

The Mini-Warbler.

• A kid that wakes up dancing to rap music. This is my future child.

• Good blogs/bloggers. They make me want to be a better writer and photographer. To be craftier. Here’s a few ladies (and a gent) to follow. Kelle Hampton at Enjoying The Small Things, Heather Armstrong at Dooce and John and Sherry at Young House Love & Young House Life.

• Movie previews. There are lots of movies I wanna see.
Like this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

• This picture:

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One thought on “Smiley things

  1. Home video has never been better. There is nothing better than getting the little ones up on youtube or capturing that faultless wave. I prefer the Flip HD for my money – but great to interact with a fellow video devotee.

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