day 27 – a song you wish you could play

‘Member how yesterday I told you of my limited prodigy-ness on the piano? I’m hoping the same thing happens some day with me and the guitar, but that’s about as likely to happen as me ever willingly attending a Sugarland concert.

I’d like to get better at re-learn the piano, but that would require owning one. Maybe I’ll get an iPad and a piano app. That’s cheaper, right?

They have an app for everything these days. I’m currently brushing up on my Spanish and French with one. Technology, eh?

But I digress.

I want to learn to play “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley.

I love that song, in its many incarnations, most recently as done by Justin Timberlake… yes please.

I have all the patience of a fruit fly – though I have no idea how much patience those things actually have it seems like a good comparison – so I can’t stay still long enough to learn an instrument again.

But for this song – and Justin Timberlake – I would.

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