We’re worried about you, Justin Timberlake

Now that my sisters and I are older and all out of the house, it’s harder to get the whole fam-damily together for a vacation. Schedules are all over the place and Sami and Austin are in a different city now and Rachel and Chuckie were and it’s just…life. The last time we were allContinue reading “We’re worried about you, Justin Timberlake”

A few of my favorite things

Well, there are a lot in this one. You know, three-month break and all. Because even though I wasn’t writing on the Internet, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t reading it. I’m not an animal. First and foremost, even if you aren’t on tumblr, bookmark this one and follow it. One of the best things I’veContinue reading “A few of my favorite things”

On repeat this week

Bon Iver. Prior to like, Tuesday, what I knew of him consisted of the news story where it mentioned that Bon Iver won one of the only Grammys Adele DIDN’T win (and rightfully so, I love that girl), and also the skit where my boy JT played him on SNL. But yeah, heart him rightContinue reading “On repeat this week”

day 27 – a song you wish you could play

‘Member how yesterday I told you of my limited prodigy-ness on the piano? I’m hoping the same thing happens some day with me and the guitar, but that’s about as likely to happen as me ever willingly attending a Sugarland concert. I’d like to get better at re-learn the piano, but that would require owningContinue reading “day 27 – a song you wish you could play”

Got me lovestoned…

You’ve met my movie boyfriend and my TV boyfriend. You’ve also met my athlete boyfriend. You didn’t think I’d forget a musician, did you? πŸ˜‰ This guy…this is my musician boyfriend. Dear Justin, First of all, don’t get mad that I liked JC more back in the ‘NSYNC days. I blame your hair, which hasContinue reading “Got me lovestoned…”

Just a thought – or two – or three.

There’s a few things on my mind this week – actually have been for a while now. Just a few things that have been getting on my nerves lately: β€’ This whole obsession with Susan Boyle. Yes. The woman can sing…amazingly. She has a beautiful voice, and that is why she should be famous. ButContinue reading “Just a thought – or two – or three.”