Challenge completed

And there you have it. Challenge accepted. And completed. 30 days, 30 songs. Hopefully I got you interested in a new song or two. If not, then, well, you’re a damn hard audience to please! I could do 30 more days if I had 30 new categories. Song Your Mom Wouldn’t Let You Take ToContinue reading “Challenge completed”

day 30 – your favorite song at this time last year

OK, it’s not exact. But I researched the release date on this one and it’s pretty darn close. This time last year I was not happy. For many reasons, the main one being, as I’ve told you before, I was working for the devil. Not literally, but she did have red hair. I listen toContinue reading “day 30 – your favorite song at this time last year”

day 29 – a song from your childhood

In all my 27 years, I have wanted a few different jobs. At age 3 or 4, apparently I wanted to be a bus driver. And as long as I’ve been able to hold a pen and/or paper, I’ve wanted to be a writer. Except for that span of time when I was in loveContinue reading “day 29 – a song from your childhood”

day 28 – a song that makes you feel guilty

Guilty like, how? For liking it because I hate everything else about the artist and what they stand for? Eh. I don’t think I have one of those. Guilty pleasure? Sure. Kind of. I do not feel the need to explain myself because lots of people liked (and continue to like) this group. And IContinue reading “day 28 – a song that makes you feel guilty”

day 27 – a song you wish you could play

‘Member how yesterday I told you of my limited prodigy-ness on the piano? I’m hoping the same thing happens some day with me and the guitar, but that’s about as likely to happen as me ever willingly attending a Sugarland concert. I’d like to get better at re-learn the piano, but that would require owningContinue reading “day 27 – a song you wish you could play”

day 26 – a song that you can play on an instrument

This one time, at band camp… There. I got it out of the way for you, because I know that’s what you’re gonna think once you keep reading and find out I was a big ol’ band nerd in high school. In fact, I still am. And so’s Rach. Because we yelled at the marchingContinue reading “day 26 – a song that you can play on an instrument”

day 25 – a song that makes you laugh

Oh man. Narrow this category down? Why don’t you to ask me to not be in love with Robert Downey Jr. – because that would be easier to do. And I love me some RDJ. I could go with some of the obvious and link you to a bunch of SNL Digital Shorts, especially anyContinue reading “day 25 – a song that makes you laugh”

day 24 – a song that you want to play at your funeral

This is a hard one to pick because, well, obviously I won’t be there, so it really shouldn’t matter. And no one likes thinking about their funeral. So. I’ll make this quick and painless. I don’t want it to be a sad and morbid and “can’t believe she’s gone” kind of thing. I try toContinue reading “day 24 – a song that you want to play at your funeral”

day 23 – a song that you want to play at your wedding

I’m not known to be the girliest of girls. Like, for a long time – and still most of the time now – I didn’t carry a purse. Too much to worry about. I don’t have anything pierced and I don’t wear any jewelry. I’ll wear a wedding ring, but to be completely honest –Continue reading “day 23 – a song that you want to play at your wedding”

day 22 – a song that you listen to when you’re sad

When I was in college – and infinitely more dramatic than I am now (no seriously) – I used to make a lot of mix CDs. I still have ’em, actually. And almost every single one of them is filled with songs that are OK to listen to when you’re sad but really just kindContinue reading “day 22 – a song that you listen to when you’re sad”