day 05 – a song that reminds you of someone

It’s getting hard to narrow down the possible song choices for this challenge. I could come up with a few for each day.

Just joining us? Here’s days uno, dos and tres of the 30 Day Song Challenge. Oh, and quatro.

Day 5 – Song that reminds you of someone.

I’m not gonna go into this one too much, the song pretty much speaks for itself. It reminds me of a situation with a particular boy – not one that I’m dealing with right now, but one that was a pretty big deal for a pretty long time. Sucks how it ended up working out, but I don’t regret it. It taught me what I do – and definitely don’t – want in my next boyfriend.

Plus, Jason Mraz sings it and he might be my next boyfriend. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Jason Mraz, “You and I Both.” My favorite of all of his songs. Ever. Yeah. It’s that good.

P.s. Just start the video and read something else – it’s not a music video, just the song. But it’s the acoustic version and I love it and I picked it. It’s my blog. I do what I want.

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