All I want for Christmas is privacy settings on Skype

Sometimes you just wanna talk to your family. They live far away, you don’t get to see them very often and you want to wish them a Merry Christmas. So you download Skype. All is well and good. And then the propositioning starts.

This isn’t a story about me, but I’m a part of it. It all started Christmas Eve….

The grandparents spend Christmas Day with us and as a result we’ve always been headquarters for all of my out-of-town family to call that day to say hello and merry Christmas. Well. Now that technology is so amazing, it’s not just phone calls, we get the chance to Skype with our out-of-town family, which in theory, should go swimmingly.

Enter Aunt Carolyn. Christmas Eve. Dad’s set up a call with her to practice for Christmas Day – you know, make sure it works right before we hand the camera over to the 93-year-old and the little lady so they can see their kids and grandkids. So that afternoon, we’re all at the table and by we I mean my mom, dad, sisters, me and dad’s laptop. During our festive dinner of tacos, you know, ’cause it’s the holidays… the phone call comes through.

Once they figure out how to get the screen so they can see each other, Dad proceeds to turn the camera around at all of us to say hi. It’s at this point, the propositioning begins.

Sometime within the first few minutes of the call, Aunt Carolyn has to decline an incoming call from Rafaat. And then some guy from Australia. By this time, Dad’s turned the camera back on himself, so none of us can see her, just hear her reactions.

There’s really no better way to tell this than to just offer up what we heard from her – without seeing her – while she realized her privacy settings weren’t configured and she was getting lots of messages from lots of strange men:



“Oh, now there’s Kevin.”

“I am Sam from Australia.”

“They want to see me.”

“Now they want to do stuff to me!”

“This is why I stopped getting on here.”

“Oh, Rafaat’s calling again.”

Meanwhile, the five of us are dying laughing. And this story, seriously, doesn’t do it justice. I have not laughed that hard in a long time, and for that, Aunt Carolyn, I thank you. 🙂

Skyping with the grandparents went well yesterday. They kind of shout into it which is funny. At one point they asked about when we were eating and Grandma yelled “We’re HAVING BRUNCH!” It was cute.

Oh. And as Aunt Carolyn got on the call yesterday, Dad asked her if she was getting bombarded by invites from men and she said “Well, Mister 10 Inches just tried to talk to me, so I had to get rid of him.”

Nothing says Christmas like family, laughter and Internet porn.

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