Things I am sick of re: SNOWPOCALYPSE 2K10

Scraping off my car.
Having to turn the heat on for no other reason than to avoid frostbite.
Dry skin/eczema.
Going through chapstick like never before. My lips feeling like that zombie in Hocus Pocus whose mouth is sewn shut.
Not owning snow boots that come up above my knees.
Not living in an apartment building by a hill where I can sled.
Driving my car over a layer of ice and praying it won’t wreck before I can sell it – see why I am shopping for an SUV.
Pointless news broadcasts – yesterday on WLKY they showed at least 8 minutes (that’s how long I suffered through it before getting annoyed and changing the channel) of one of their reporters in an alley in Old Louisville running and sliding (barely) on a patch of ice. Really?!
Nodding emphatically at all those commercials about Mucinex-D, sinus pressure and Kleenex because the dry air from our electric heat has had me sick for two weeks and I know EXACTLY HOW THEY FEEL.
Seeing all the Facebook statuses of my friends having snow days who are teachers, students or employees of jobs that CAN stop when weather gets bad.
Not having easy access to Starbucks hot beverages in our apartment.
The attractiveness of Amazon calling me to buy more books off my Wish List when I need to be saving up for a car – I am going through books ridiculously fast now that I can’t get out except to go to work and because I am saving for a car…
My willpower dwindling if the Kia people keep calling me about that Sportage we looked at Saturday. Their offers are getting better and better and it’s gonna be really hard soon to say I don’t want it just because it’s manual.
Second-guessing myself on whether or not to wear layers to work because the heat might not be working.
Risking death to get to my car each morning because HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE ICICLES hanging off the apartment building? I saw that episode of Grey’s…
Seeing dirty snow. It looks nice and all until people drive through it. Then it’s slushy and gross.
Forgetting what the sun looks like.

I have some rules about snow – none of which are being followed right now. It should only snow on Christmas Day and then melt the next morning. So…this stuff that’s here now….it needs to go.

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