The sun’ll come out, tomorrow…

Actually, maybe it won’t. I don’t really remember what the sun looks like these days because every time I look outside, OH THERE’S SNOW. What? The snow melted completely? WELL HERE’S SOME MORE. Seriously, it seems like it has never been warm outside and it never will be again. Also, a lady sang this songContinue reading “The sun’ll come out, tomorrow…”

Things I am sick of re: SNOWPOCALYPSE 2K10

Scraping off my car. Having to turn the heat on for no other reason than to avoid frostbite. Dry skin/eczema. Going through chapstick like never before. My lips feeling like that zombie in Hocus Pocus whose mouth is sewn shut. Not owning snow boots that come up above my knees. Not living in an apartmentContinue reading “Things I am sick of re: SNOWPOCALYPSE 2K10”