One time, Jesus made me a pizza

Last night at work, I was telling Jackie of an interesting pizza delivery one night when I lived in my last apartment. I should have written about it when it happened, but I don’t remember if I had this blog then.

So, one night I place an order with PJ’s – of course – and when they brought the pizza there was a tag on the side with the information: what kind of pizza it was, when the order was called in and who prepared it. Where they list the name, however, I’m pretty sure they only have space for a few of the letters of the person’s name, which brings me to the discovery….

Who prepared it? Well according to the information on the tag…
“Your order was prepared by Christ.”

My thoughts?
“This pizza’s gonna be amazing!”

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One thought on “One time, Jesus made me a pizza

  1. HAHA! We have received several complaints about that in the past from people who didn’t find humor in it or were offended! Personally, I’d be happy with a “god-given” pizza.

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