Best Week Ever. Part 3.

The story of our week in Jamaica is one best told in pictures – for the most part – so it’s a good thing I took tons of them.

However, a good portion of the photos on my camera were taken by kids there – one in particular, named Jordon.

Jordon is a 12-year-old kid who latched onto our group the moment we got there. Throughout the week, he became kind of our mascot. He was our little favorite and was the first one I trusted to take my DSLR camera and go shoot pictures at different places we went throughout the week.

I’ll make note of the ones he took as they’re posted, but to be honest, there’s a lot of times I can’t tell which ones he took and I didn’t. The kid has an eye. And I told him to keep up with photography if his whole running thing doesn’t pan out (he’s fast though – watch out, Usain).



Some of my favorite pictures from the week – and the majority of the time Jordon had my camera as well – are from our time in Greenvale, where we took part in street evangelism.

Street evangelism in Jamaica >>>>> street evangelism in America. ‘Cause it’s completely different. It’s focused on love, not hate. Not condemning you to hell for whatever it is you’re doing – like the “evangelists” I saw in college and see on the street corners downtown, spewing hate through a microphone at all of the sinners that pass them by.

Our street evangelism over there? Having a party in the middle of the street with music and dancing and prayer for anyone that wanted to be a part. If you didn’t? That’s alright. Because Jesus loves you, even if you don’t come down and party with us. And even if you’re the Rasta who tried to sell me weed and told me how very bright white I was.

*takes break so I don’t go on a tangent on what Christianity means to me because that’s definitely a blog post for another time*

Greenvale is also known as that place where I wanted to take all the kids home with me. On account of the adorableness. But I’m pretty sure you can’t get 30 kids through customs without some sort of documentation.






Just an awesome day…












And now for your viewing pleasure, the following photos, taken by Jordon.









I may or may not have hired Jordon as my assistant. Now…to get him to Kentucky..


22. The Christmas Story

No, not the movie, that’s already been covered here.

I’m talking about THE story. THE reason we even celebrate this holiday in the first place. THE story you’ll hear Thursday night – or Friday morning, depending on when/if you head to church during the holiday.

It’s a story we all know, the birth of Jesus. Such a simple story about a baby being born, yet it’s the most important story you’ll hear. I love hearing the story of Jesus’ birth and the way it’s told. This past week at church our pastor’s sermon was called “There’s Something About Mary.” He talked about what made God choose Mary and the responsibility he entrusted to her. It was a great sermon.

Jesus is the reason we celebrate and as you sit in church sometime during the next few days or even if you’re just sitting at home celebrating with family and friends, think about the Christmas story and what it means to you.

As far as that other Christmas Story, I just saw a commercial for the marathon that will be on Thursday and Friday and one of my neighbors has a replica of the leg lamp from the movie in their window. Awesome.

One time, Jesus made me a pizza

Last night at work, I was telling Jackie of an interesting pizza delivery one night when I lived in my last apartment. I should have written about it when it happened, but I don’t remember if I had this blog then.

So, one night I place an order with PJ’s – of course – and when they brought the pizza there was a tag on the side with the information: what kind of pizza it was, when the order was called in and who prepared it. Where they list the name, however, I’m pretty sure they only have space for a few of the letters of the person’s name, which brings me to the discovery….

Who prepared it? Well according to the information on the tag…
“Your order was prepared by Christ.”

My thoughts?
“This pizza’s gonna be amazing!”