Best Week Ever. Part 3.

The story of our week in Jamaica is one best told in pictures – for the most part – so it’s a good thing I took tons of them. However, a good portion of the photos on my camera were taken by kids there – one in particular, named Jordon. Jordon is a 12-year-old kidContinue reading “Best Week Ever. Part 3.”

22. The Christmas Story

No, not the movie, that’s already been covered here. I’m talking about THE story. THE reason we even celebrate this holiday in the first place. THE story you’ll hear Thursday night – or Friday morning, depending on when/if you head to church during the holiday. It’s a story we all know, the birth of Jesus.Continue reading “22. The Christmas Story”

One time, Jesus made me a pizza

Last night at work, I was telling Jackie of an interesting pizza delivery one night when I lived in my last apartment. I should have written about it when it happened, but I don’t remember if I had this blog then. So, one night I place an order with PJ’s – of course – andContinue reading “One time, Jesus made me a pizza”