What is wrong with these people?

I’m watching the news, as I have been for the past hour, and I can’t believe what’s been going on lately.

Today, three police officers in Pittsburgh were shot in responding to a domestic disturbance – by a guy that had an AK-47. Apparently, right now, they’re saying he’s 23.

Yesterday, in N.Y., a guy went into the American Civil Association and took a bunch of hostages and killed about 14 people. Then, like all cowards who don’t want to pay for what they have done in these kind of situations, he shot himself. So now, no one knows why this happened. Just that some man wanted to kill a bunch of people. **Now, though, one of the cops at the press conference said part of it was because the guy couldn’t speak English well, people were making fun of him and he wasn’t happy about it.

In Louisville, a guy got shot and killed outside of a Valu-Market. No one knows why yet.

This is insane. Why is this happening? People keep blaming losing their jobs, heightened sense of anger and frustration…but is shooting people the answer? People are doing that because of road rage now. Really? Yeah, I get mad about how people drive, but I’d never shoot and/or kill anyone over it!

For example…one day a couple months ago, I was on my way to something at Hite. I was running late so I was in a little bit of a hurry. Of course, once I got to Shelbyville Road I got behind a slow Indiana driver that would not move into the right lane. (Note to all drivers, you go FASTER in the left lane. You go 10 miles slower than the speed limit in the RIGHT lane.) I  couldn’t move into the right lane because he was going just slow/fast enough that I couldn’t get back around him in time to make my turn.

So I had to wait. When I turned off to the road to get to Hite and Eastern, I honked my horn – meaning, “hey thanks for being a crappy driver, I’m pissed.” I flicked my hand, like you would if you were shooing someone away. Then, the psycho turned up ahead and started to follow me. I wasn’t for sure about it until I went into Eastern’s parking lot and turned the other way and he turned in there too. I finally lost him – because I didnt want him going back to Hite. But who knows what the hell would have happened had they caught up to me. He probably thought I flicked him off, but that doesn’t make it right. I would NEVER follow someone that honked at me or flicked me off. You get mad for a minute and then it’s over!

People are angrier now. They’re getting set off easier and easier by stupid things and losing their jobs. Guns and killing and violence isn’t gonna fix anything. It makes me sad that there are people that feel that way. And it’s scary. It’s scary to think that we live in a world that you can get shot just because you’re in a hurry and honked your horn. You can get shot for doing your job – like the officers in Pennsylvania – just because someone’s had it bad lately. You can get shot because someone’s upset they lost their job. We’ve got to figure out how to make this stop.

Be nice to people. Try not to honk. Get mad in your car but be careful who sees you. They could follow you. Or try and run you off the road. Or worse. My prayers are with the families of all those who have lost their lives in the past two days…

If you know someone who has lost their job, help them out. Be there for them so they don’t feel they’re alone. There shouldn’t be three senseless shootings in two days….or ever.

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