If I never see these commercials again…

……I’ll be just fine.

There’s a bunch of ridiculous commercials on TV right now and I could go the rest of my life without seeing any of them ever again. Yes, they’re catchy, but I don’t remember them in the good way. I remember them for annoying the crap out of me.

For example: Quiznos

Tell me why this has to be dirty? It creeps me out. What is this guy (or any other Quiznos employee) doing after hours with these ovens? Do they have health inspections? Regularly?

FreeCreditReport.com (any)

These are annoying because they’re so effing catchy. The song will get stuck in my head for the rest of the day. And it’s not even a site I would use. The absolute worst one though, the one when they’re in the car. So annoying.

Sensual Touch

Oh. My. God. Not only does this have bad acting, but we know exactly what it’s for. And I’m not gonna say much more than I think you would want to choose just one (doesn’t matter which one) use for it, if you use it for all three, that’s sick. And the blond girl, putting it on her neck after she hears what all it can be used for….someone get her some hand sanitizer and tell her to go take a shower.


Bad acting, bad acting, bad acting. Wouldn’t be so bad also, if they didn’t show it ALL THE TIME.

JG Wentworth

Yes, we all know that repetition is key in advertising, but GEEZ! It’s so annoying! And there’s like, 12 people that yell the same thing. Like the Quizno’s commercial, I hit the mute button whenever I see this one.

Also – any commercial with BILLY MAYS (MAYES?). He shouts at me about all kinds of products now, first it was Oxy-Clean, now it seems like its almost everything. Be quiet, Billy, shouting will not get me to buy anything.

All of the above need to hire the ad people from one of the following companies (who are producing great ads, in my opinion): Budweiser, BW3s or E-trade…because their commercials are the best.

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2 thoughts on “If I never see these commercials again…

  1. seriously. i agree with you on all accounts. especially with that ridiculous “party gals” commercial. i feel dirty even watching.

  2. Lol…Party Gals…that remids me of the one with the old lady for a similar product…Vibe Touch by Trojan. “Relax girls I got mine right online!”

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