Things to make you smile

Top 5 funniest videos I have seen in the past few days/weeks. Thanks mostly to my friends, co-workers and The Soup.. watch these and don’t laugh, I dare ya.

** Plus one kind of creepy one – Katie, I know you like Julie Andrews so I don’t know if you’ll want to watch it..

Two words: Maury Povich

Won’t let me get it from youtube anymore, but go here:

I ♥ The Soup. 🙂

Maybe the best dance moves ever:

Someone please learn this and do it in public. Preferably at a bar.

Saw this man live at Improv Louisville – possibly the best show yet:

You really should see the whole special.

Just wait for it:

Haaaaaaahahahha. Ouch.

And finally, one of the scariest movies ever – if it was a feel-good family movie:


Here’s the scary one. Someone took Mary Poppins and re-cut clips to make it look like it was a preview for a horror movie. Creeps me out a little..

And – this is for Sami – this is the video I was trying to find the other day. These guys have made tons of them to different songs:

You’re welcome.

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