Overwhelmed..in a good way

So, recently I wrote about my struggles with depression. And how in recent months, it got exceptionally bad. 

I didn’t post it for sympathy or for attention. I posted it so others feeling the same way would know they’re not alone. I posted it so friends and family members (mine and others) could understand a little more what it’s like to deal with this damn disease and the toll it takes on you.

You guys, the love and support and feedback I received from that blog blew me away. Several shared it on Facebook and it touched several people I’ve never even met. It was almost overwhelming – in such a good way. 

So much so, my computer stopped working. Kind of. 

Ha. The blog and stuff didn’t do it – I just need a new charger (which should be here Monday). Otherwise I would have said this sooner.

Thank you. 

Thank you for loving and supporting me. Thank you for not making me feel like what I have and what I deal with and what stresses me out and makes me sad isn’t trivial or stupid and for letting me know you’re there, through it all, and always will be.

Thank you for sharing my story, or your own and letting it move you toward seeing things differently, towards treating yourself or others differently. Because that’s exactly what I wanted.

As for an update, I’m not completely out of the woods yet. I never will be, with this disease. However, with some regular visits to my therapist to keep up the “maintenance” and the medication increase, things have already gotten loads better than they were. 

So thank you, again. For listening and reading and supporting and loving and all of the other awesome stuff you do for me and for everyone like me. 

And once my charger gets here I promise some fun stuff for ya. 

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