Land of the free

For the longest time, I thought that “And have a great day” was part of our national anthem.

Why? Because that’s what we heard over the morning announcements after it played in elementary school.

Without fail, as soon as the last words of the anthem were sung, Mr. Haller came over the intercom and simply said “And have a great day.”

It’s one of those things like the Shane Company commercials or my new favorite – Budget for the people – that you can count on to be the same every time you hear it. So you quote it. And if it were to change, well, that’s unheard of.

Sometimes after I hear the anthem to this day I’ll quietly (sometimes, usually it’s loud) add “And have a great day!” Because old habits, you know?

Our anthem was provided by the late Whitney Houston’s Superbowl performance because my elementary school had style. And it was the 90s.

And you better believe I sang along with it, with the same inflection and vibratos and that part where she goes up on “Freeeeee” and holding out the word “brave” at the end… yeah…. that’s a classic. R.I.P. Whitney…

I thought I’d share with you this story today, of all days, America’s birfday. Where I will be celebrating by having a day off in the middle of the week, swimming and probably getting sunburnt, and spending time with family, food and fireworks, the latter of which I will be trying to take some cool pictures with on account of I’ve been doing a little studying. I’ll let you know how that goes…

In the meantime, enjoy your day, enjoy your freedom, thank those who have helped to keep us free and by all means, make sure you watch the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest that starts in half an hour.

Traditions, people.

God Bless America.

And have a great day.

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