#tbt: Tales of a third-grade Laura

I was a Democrat from way back  – obvs. And thought this fitting to share since H-dogg just won Kentucky in the primary this week.. Favorite part? “I went crazy!” #nerd


Being that it’s still July for a few more days, it’s not totally random that I’ll share with you a few of the pictures I took on that lil’ holiday, wherein I went to my aunt’s house and ate a lot, watched cornhole games for hours and chased my cousin’s 1-year-old daughter around – sometimesContinue reading “Fourth-ish-ness”

Land of the free

For the longest time, I thought that “And have a great day” was part of our national anthem. Why? Because that’s what we heard over the morning announcements after it played in elementary school. Without fail, as soon as the last words of the anthem were sung, Mr. Haller came over the intercom and simplyContinue reading “Land of the free”

When Twitter takes over real life

True story – I use Twitter more than Facebook these days. I prefer it. Granted there are still awesome things about Facebook, but my attention span has dwindled to the point that Twitter’s good enough for me. Late-stage ADD, if you will. And sometimes it takes over my life. Like, when The Roommate and IContinue reading “When Twitter takes over real life”

You have to admit, it’s a better name

On the last night we were in London, we were talking about the differences between America and England. After a couple lessons in speaking the language, we started talking about the important stuff. Me: “You guys have snuggies?” Seb and Emma: “What’s a snuggie?” Me: “You know, those blankets with sleeves.” Seb: “Oh those. WeContinue reading “You have to admit, it’s a better name”

‘Merica, ‘Merica, ‘Merica

Happy holidays, friends! If you’re reading this in America, you’re celebrating today by not going to work, grilling and setting things on fire watching fireworks! Last year I got all patriotic on y’all. And I’m still patriotic, don’t get me wrong. But this year, I’ll give you some different songs. They’re still about what thisContinue reading “‘Merica, ‘Merica, ‘Merica”

You’re killing me, Smalls

If you know me at all you know that the title of this post is something that you’ll hear me say if you’re ever around me for, oh, about an hour. It’s from one of the best movies ever – I don’t care if you agree or not – The Sandlot. That movie features aContinue reading “You’re killing me, Smalls”