Jeopardy prepordy

One week from now it will be over. Until next year. And the next. And the year after that.

I am GOING to be on Jeopardy someday. It’s a life goal. And entirely possible, if I could just get through the stupid online test!

I have one week to cram my brain full of knowledge besides who was in what movie with who (I kill at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, btw) and anything that showed up on any kind of crime show (don’t even get me started).

How have I been preparing? Funny you should ask. Not by watching Jeopardy. Nah. I train how the pros must train… I have people ask me questions. And take as many online “practice” tests that have the word Jeopardy anywhere on their website, because really, it can’t hurt.

I knew the answer to a random one the other day that Baby Einstein sent me. It was a question about measurement. From the Bible. I didn’t know it because of the Bible. I knew it because it was discussed in the movie Evan Almighty. (Yeah, I teach Sunday School…)

It’s the longest of long shots that I’ll know more than one answer to this practice test next week. And even then, you have to go through like five other screenings before they even decide they want you as a contestant.

So keep your fingers crossed for me and wish for it at 11:11 or whatever at least once this week, please? And if I get on there, I’m totally writing “Suck It Trebek” on the final Jeopardy question if I don’t know it. (Thanks to Ash for that amazingly awesome suggestion).

I will be so much better than those robots they pick for the show now…if only they knew that, I’d be a contestant already.

Fun fact: When I mentioned Alex Trebek to the kids in youth group one day, I asked one of them, who will remain nameless to protect his obliviousness, if he knew who Trebek was. He said “Oh, yeah. I’ve heard of her.”

That’s probably not gonna be my anecdote if I get on the show, but what if it was?? Suck it, Trebek.

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3 thoughts on “Jeopardy prepordy

  1. So do you take this practice test online? I’m trying to picture it all in my head. Do you get to be like Dorothy on Golden Girls when she tried out for Jeopardy and go play a mock game with other potential contestants? I sure hope so. Do you even watch Golden Girls? If not, you probably should. Alex might ask a Golden Girls knowledge question.
    Best of luck to you. I’ll definitely watch you when you get on TV. Notice that I believe in you. I said *when* you get on TV. Not if. When.

    1. Yes, I take it online. Next Tuesday night, after spending a weekend sleep-deprived chaperoning 13 middle-schoolers on a three-day church trip in Orlando. YES. Good planning on my part!

      You play the mock game after you’ve made it through a couple rounds or something, I think. I watch Golden Girls, but not as much as I should. And I haven’t seen that episode. Good idea on studying up. I may need the knowledge.

      I appreciate your support as well and that you believe in me. WHEN I get on TV and win some money, I will use a bit of that money to buy you the complete Golden Girls series on DVD, that is if you don’t have it already…

  2. This is Brendan’s question: Who won the war of 1812?
    Answer: Kung Fu Panda

    True Story.

    You’re definitely getting on the show! We’ll have a Jeopardy Party to watch your episode. I am already planning a menu.

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