Jeopardy prepordy

One week from now it will be over. Until next year. And the next. And the year after that. I am GOING to be on Jeopardy someday. It’s a life goal. And entirely possible, if I could just get through the stupid online test! I have one week to cram my brain full of knowledgeContinue reading “Jeopardy prepordy”

Great Mysteries of the World

OK, not really. But there’s stuff I’ve wondered about this week, and I don’t know the answers to any of it. If you can help me out, lemme know. There are only a few on the list, but they’re important. Why do you stick your tongue out when you cough? Why have I woken upContinue reading “Great Mysteries of the World”

My critiques will be free of ‘dawgs,’ mean metaphors and ridiculous percentages

I guess I’m what you’d call a media personality. I mean, I’m in the media, and I have a personality. But I’m not, like, famous or anything. Yet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Working at a paper, especially one in a small town, you get to know people. And, usually, people know you. Or, you think they do, andContinue reading “My critiques will be free of ‘dawgs,’ mean metaphors and ridiculous percentages”

9. Interviewing kindergartners about Santa

Did you know that Santa is 20 and if you don’t have a chimney he just makes a hole in your roof and throws the presents down it? He also has the capabilities to make a key if necessary. He eats anywhere from 2 1/2 to 30 cookies Christmas Eve night and starts his routeContinue reading “9. Interviewing kindergartners about Santa”