Things I would rather do than go to any kind of doctors’ appointment

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow. I hate doctors’ appointments. Of any kind. Pay money, sit in a cold room and wait for them to tell you (99 percent of the time) what you already knew when you came in there – that you’re fine. Or, they tell you what your mom told you for free 10 minutes ago on the phone – you have bronchitis. Only difference? The doctors can write prescriptions.

There are many things I’d rather do than go to tomorrow’s doctors’ appointment. I’ll list them for you.

I’d rather:
• Watch the Kardashian wedding in its entirety
• Have my appendix put back in
• Listen to a Sugarland album
• Take an eight-hour plane ride again
• Cheer for the Yankees
• Go Black Friday shopping
• Stay in a hoarder’s house for an hour

I could go on, but I won’t. I need to start mentally preparing for tomorrow’s appointment. UGH.

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