That’s what I was in November. ‘Cause now you’re like “it’s about time, holmes, where have you been?” My sincerest apologies. To make up for it, I’ll share with you a couple of my new favorite videos. These things made me cry, I laughed so hard. I really want to go to a store andContinue reading “Overachiever”

Things I would rather do than go to any kind of doctors’ appointment

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow. I hate doctors’ appointments. Of any kind. Pay money, sit in a cold room and wait for them to tell you (99 percent of the time) what you already knew when you came in there – that you’re fine. Or, they tell you what your mom toldContinue reading “Things I would rather do than go to any kind of doctors’ appointment”

Oh you fancy, huh?

Normally I’m not a fan of Mondays. They are not my favorite. In fact, I most often refer to them as my nemesis (nemeses?). But the Monday I spent in England? Best one I’ve had in as long as I can remember. Of course, any day immediately increases in potential when it starts with oneContinue reading “Oh you fancy, huh?”

When surfing the Internets

This week’s suggestions are for if you want some ideas for Christmas shopping, or stuff to read in between visiting sites to do your Christmas shopping. They’re either sites I’ve bookmarked or sites suggested to me by friends or family. The shopping ones are cool if you have some one you have no idea whatContinue reading “When surfing the Internets”

17. Online shopping

Yesterday in the mail I got a Christmas present I ordered for someone this year. And that, my friends, is why I like online shopping. I have never taken advantage of Cyber Monday – and I’ve only tried Black Friday once, no thank you – but can see why people do it. In fact, IContinue reading “17. Online shopping”

What’s the opposite of “all dressed up and nowhere to go?”

In about an hour I’m supposed to head to mom and dad’s to get in a limo that’s gonna take us and a few of my aunts and uncles and my sister and her boyfriend out to dinner then to Bardstown Road for the Bambi Walk. I’m excited, it should be fun. However, I putContinue reading “What’s the opposite of “all dressed up and nowhere to go?””