When movies meet real life

Yesterday, we had a visitor at our apartment. Since we don’t live in a house, where we can be expected to be hit up for Girl Scout Cookies and other school fundraiser-y things, unless we are expecting company, we have no idea who’s at our door.

So imagine my surprise when I opened the door yesterday after a knock that sounded more like a lifeless body had been hurled at it and found a young man in a Cub Scout uniform.

It was this lil’ guy, I kid you not:

He talked the same way and didn’t make eye contact. And, unlike Russell, he walked in a circle the whole time he was trying to sell me magazines and popcorn.

“Hi. My name. is. Matthew. Would you like to buy some delicious popcorn?”

Too cute. I felt bad saying no. But if he’d had a talking dog and a bird named Kevin with him, I might’ve caved.

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