Getting all crafty up in this piece

So after I went to jolly ol’ England and took loads (that’s such a British word) of photos, I took a couple of them and blew ’em up. Thanks to a well-timed Groupon and a week I didn’t have to buy groceries, I splurged on two canvas prints from a Web site. The pictures IContinue reading “Getting all crafty up in this piece”

A third roommate?

I’m about 68-percent sure my apartment is haunted. It all started about a month ago. The stereo in my bedroom started turning on by itself in the middle of the night, which wouldn’t be too big of a deal except it came on at the same time every night (around 2:30), loudly. It wasn’t onContinue reading “A third roommate?”

Fear, falling and four-letter words

I have a bad habit. I curse. More than I should. I don’t know when or how it really started and I’ve been trying to cut back for a while and believe it or not it’s better than it used to be. And seriously, I could have worse habits. Nowadays, the times it happens theContinue reading “Fear, falling and four-letter words”

I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts

Just murderers. I am so serious. Besides clowns, heights and submarines – don’t judge that last one, the episode of LOST where my TV boyfriend dies completely proves my point – the thing I may be most scared of is being murdered. Yep. I’m scared of being murdered. See: Why I slept in the middleContinue reading “I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts”

When movies meet real life

Yesterday, we had a visitor at our apartment. Since we don’t live in a house, where we can be expected to be hit up for Girl Scout Cookies and other school fundraiser-y things, unless we are expecting company, we have no idea who’s at our door. So imagine my surprise when I opened the doorContinue reading “When movies meet real life”

I was starting to worry that I’d have to testify…

It’s no secret that I am all about the old-time gangster lifestyle – three of my favorite movies are The Godfather, The Departed and Goodfellas. I watch COPS whenever it’s on – it’s what I’m watching right now, in fact. One of the only things I don’t like about my apartment’s cable plan is thatContinue reading “I was starting to worry that I’d have to testify…”

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Things I am thankful for (in no particular order): Family Friends Green bean casserole Grandma’s home-made dumplings My church Tv on DVD CKR The new apartment Chubby babies Planners Lists Compliments PYC and YUM and Young Adults Group The beach Christmas decorations Target Hot chocolate Michael C. Hall Churchill Downs Google Reader Blogs Vacations andContinue reading “Thankful for Thanksgiving”