10. Holiday treats

This post will be short and sweet – like some of the food I always associate with the holiday. Corny? Yes. If you don’t like it, that’s too bad.

This time of year, there are all kinds of family get-togethers and parties with friends and many of them revolve around food of some sort. It’s a dinner or a potluck or something like that. Everybody brings a dish to share and there’s a few things that people always make or bring this time of year that always remind me of the holidays.

Growing up, when we went to celebrate Christmas with my dad’s parents side of the family, Grandma always had a table just dedicated to sweets. There were some different types of pies – which I never really paid attention to, I’m not a pie person – and she always had fudge and the awesome cookies seen below.

I never have those cookies any other time, and they never fail to remind me of Christmas at Grandma’s with the whole family. And sneaking those cookies before we had dinner.

Cinnamon rolls remind me of the holidays too, even though I have them every once in a while throughout the year – less now that I don’t live with the parents and apparently can’t make them for myself. Every year, though, at Mom and Dad’s on Christmas, our big meal of the day is breakfast. We have a decent dinner as well, of course, but breakfast is the best. There’s sausage, egg casserole and always those cinnamon rolls.

Hmm. What else is there? Oh, this stuff called “white trash” has become a holiday treat for our family. My sister makes it a lot and it’s really easy to do – recipe can be found here. All you need is chex mix, pretzels, peanuts, M&Ms, peanuts and white chocolate chips. It is delicious.

Speaking of holiday treats, I need to figure out some good stuff to make – I’m going to a few holiday parties this year. Of course I can always be the one that just brings the drinks or the plates.

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