I’m a product of my generation

I’m not proud of this.

Today, my mom and I were out doing some Christmas shopping and stopped by the post office because I needed to get stamps for my Christmas cards. When I got up to the counter, I asked the girl for a book of stamps. She said, “All I have right now is Madonna.” And I said, “It’s OK, it doesn’t matter, I just need stamps. I really don’t like Madonna but I’m not worried about it.”

However, as soon as she handed me the book of stamps, I realized I’d just assumed she meant Madonna the singer. Oh no. She meant Madonna as in, Madonna and Child. Madonna, as in the depictions of the mother of Jesus. And there I was saying, “I don’t really like Madonna, but whatever.” Who knows what she thought of me after that..

Please don’t remind me how horrible I am. I’m coming to terms with it. On the plus side, they really weren’t Madonna the singer stamps, which is a good thing, because she’s the one I don’t like.

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