#TBT Fun with wild animals

In “Did I really not write about this already?” news – one time I went to this place in Indiana and hung out with baby tigers.

WHAT?! I know, right?

It was quite random, but one of my bestest friends, Liz, loves cats of all kinds. And had heard about this place where you could pay $20 and play with baby tigers for half an hour.

Sounded shady, and trust me, when the drive up there took forever and there were like creepy roads and handmade signs, I thought I might be ending up in something out of Saw.

But lo and behold, I got there. And this happened.

photo 1

Holy hell it was awesome. So in honor of #tbt this week, rather than the tunes, we’ll do something a little different. Here’s some pics of the time I went and made friends with three baby tigers and almost switched careers to zookeeper/tiger babysitter.

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