In case you’re curious as to how my dating life is going…

I had this metaphor in mind for how online dating was like Pokemon Go, but not in a good way, because you catch all of the crazies and you don’t want to and then I realized I may not understand Pokemon Go and it all fell apart. But I also don’t really understand dating theseContinue reading “In case you’re curious as to how my dating life is going…”

Sounds familiar NINETEEN

Nineteen of these suckers? Whoa. Maybe at some point I’ll stop putting the numbers after. OR, I will keep going, until there’s like 103,290 of them. I haven’t decided yet. In the meantimes, please enjoy these hand-selected texts that probably sound like you! Sounds like…Me (361) Also, you tried to make me learn all ofContinue reading “Sounds familiar NINETEEN”

Yeah these movies are totally similar….no.

Netflix is just about the best $10 I spend a month. i love movies and wasn’t renting very many when I had to drive to Blockbuster and deal with getting the movie returned on time and seriously MOVIES COST $5 NOW. So I discovered Netflix, and the joy of getting a movie when I getContinue reading “Yeah these movies are totally similar….no.”