28 hours in NYC

We were in New York a few weeks ago for about 28 hours. And we got. shit. done. I already told you about our first day, when we went to the 9/11 Memorial and High Line during the day and Times Square and the How I Met Your Mother bar at night. Luckily we hadContinue reading “28 hours in NYC”

Chaperoning at The Happiest Place on Earth

I may have mentioned it a few ten times, but I spent MLK weekend in Orlando, chaperoning 11 kids – middle-schoolers and high-schoolers through a youth faith conference/time at the Disney parks. Lots of fun, lots of rides, lots of standing, dancing, singing, running to get ahead of teenagers who had no idea where theyContinue reading “Chaperoning at The Happiest Place on Earth”

When bad auto-correct happens to good people

This weekend I’m spending some time with family and being Southern. And by that I mean, we’re eating a stew with about five different animals in it, shooting shotguns and riding ATVs. And loving every minute of it. However, I was explaining said plans to someone yesterday via text and he didn’t know what BurgooContinue reading “When bad auto-correct happens to good people”