Smiley things again

You guys, I follow entirely too many blogs, sites, feeds, whatever. And on these blogs, sites, feeds, whatevers, I find all kinds of things I want to share with you. Or, my lovely friends/family send me stuff that they know I’ll like love and I feel the need to pass it on. I’ve done itContinue reading “Smiley things again”

When surfing the Internets

This week’s suggestions are for if you want some ideas for Christmas shopping, or stuff to read in between visiting sites to do your Christmas shopping. They’re either sites I’ve bookmarked or sites suggested to me by friends or family. The shopping ones are cool if you have some one you have no idea whatContinue reading “When surfing the Internets”

If I never see these commercials again…

……I’ll be just fine. There’s a bunch of ridiculous commercials on TV right now and I could go the rest of my life without seeing any of them ever again. Yes, they’re catchy, but I don’t remember them in the good way. I remember them for annoying the crap out of me. For example: QuiznosContinue reading “If I never see these commercials again…”