A few of my favorite things

So. Once upon a time I started this series of posts called “Smiley Things” and then I realized that was a silly name so I changed it.

Basically, this is a collection – which I will do on occasion – of things I currently enjoy or have found elsewhere on the Internets and think are like the coolest things ever.

So here’s the rebranded Smiley Things. A little longer than usual ’cause I feel bad for being MIA for so long (I have a guilty conscience. I’m working on it.) And this post is complete with a bit of a tease to the next post I’ll be working on. (10 points if you guess what it is).

“You dirt-eating piece of slime. You scum-sucking pig. You son of a motherless goat.”

Amazing Muppet art.

There are decent people left in the world. Something that is always important to remember.


What in thunderation? I will be working a few of these into my vocabulary. Maybe.

The above amazingness can be found here: Disney Gents From Last Night.

I have a poster of the London Underground already, but this is amazing.

Have I ever linked to this? Even if I have, it’s necessary enough to be done twice.

All the single ladies..

A combination of two of the greatest shows currently on television.

“That’s so Reagan.”

Happy Place usually has some great stuff. This doesn’t disappoint. So glad that Kentucky’s not the only one that came up with that result.

I’d like any or all of these shirts, thanks.

As if I needed another reason to love Tom Hardy… 

New favorite meme. I would like to come up with a meme in my lifetime. One that gets all famous and whatnot. Wish I’d thought of this one, but I’d have to be MUCH better at photoshop than I currently am.

Beautiful. Hey girl.

For Sami.

Al Pacino yells a lot.

This is my friend. Not Justin Timberlake. I know it might be hard to tell the difference once you watch this.

My goal is to be on this list one day. And I feel like I could get there, since, ya know, this happened:
Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 10.52.14 PM

And like 20 people favorited it – 20 people I don’t even know. So, I mean, I’m basically famous now.


That shit cray

Y’all might have heard I have a Twitter.

On that Twitter I follow people, and they follow me.

(My dad is confused already, I bet.)

One person I don’t follow, but debate doing so at least once a month is Kanye West. Why? Because he’s insane.

He tweets a lot so it can get kind of annoying (kind of like when I watch Hoarders and live-Tweet my reactions, amiright?) but the things he says are so off-the-wall most of the time, it’s almost worth it.

And people are doing all kinds of fun stuff with his crazy.

Like the lady who cross-stitches his Tweets and sells them in her etsy shop

And then there is that video of Josh Groban singing them.

Well. The newest one I’ve found takes it to a whole other level. Someone has taken the words of wisdom from Mr. West and put them on screencaps of Saved By The Bell.

It’s called Kanye’d By The Bell and even though they don’t seem to be updating it anymore (or at least they haven’t since November), there are four pages of crazy goodness to enjoy.


Remember how I talked about First World Problems?

I thought it’d be funny to keep a log of the ones I was “suffering from” in the past couple weeks. They’re all really serious things to worry about, you guys.

I’m way behind on all my shows.

I have no time to catch up on the stuff on my DVR.

The antibacterial dispensers weren’t motion-activated.

It’s so annoying when Pandora stops playing to ask if you are still listening.

I woke up at 7 a.m. On a Saturday. Usually I get up at 8.

I had to get out of my warm and comfy bed an hour before my alarm because I had to pee.

I got five new comments to approve on the blog but they turned out to all be spam.

It’s too cold to walk outside to go get lunch.

Girl Scout cookies come in smaller boxes so now there are fewer of them.

I have something going on every night this week.

My headphone cords are always tangled.

I’m tired of all the music on my iPod.

I need a new laundry basket.

I’m too tired to pack a lunch for tomorrow at work.

There aren’t any new episodes of Glee until April.

I don’t have time for a nap this weekend.

I only had time to nap for like, an hour.

My magazine subscription ran out and I don’t know if I want to renew it.

Whenever my nails all get the same length and look nice, one always breaks and then I have to cut all of them.

My pillows aren’t fluffy anymore and my neck hurts in the morning.

I had a dream where I was dating Jason Segel but he broke up with me.

I’ll never be a Muppeteer.

I’m too afraid of needles to get Lasik.

I accidentally fell asleep with my contacts in now they’re dried out.

I can’t eat cheese anymore because my body rejects it.

When Twitter takes over real life

True story – I use Twitter more than Facebook these days. I prefer it. Granted there are still awesome things about Facebook, but my attention span has dwindled to the point that Twitter’s good enough for me. Late-stage ADD, if you will.

And sometimes it takes over my life. Like, when The Roommate and I text each other and use hashtags… #itshappened

Or when I see something outside of Twitter and comment as a hashtag, with my voice.

For example. A few weeks ago, someone I know mentioned they were really getting burnt out on eating at an expensive restaurant. My reply? First world problems.

That’s a hashtag. And if you don’t know what a hashtag is, well then that’s why you shouldn’t get a Twitter account, Dad.

I’m not the only one who does this. I’ve seen it/heard it/gotten it in a text from other people.

But back to the First World Problems.

Someone had the genius (I’m being serious, actually) idea to make a video of 100 of them. And it’s amazeballs.

Which reminds me…I’m totally writing a post full of first world problems…..

How you know your parents have embraced new technology

So you’ve heard of the guy who got famous on Twitter for just tweeting things his elderly-ish father said, right? It’s called shitmydadsays and they just started a show with the same name, starring William Shatner.

Fun fact: The Shat (which may or may not be the past tense of shit, anyway) owns property up near where I worked for my first job out of college. Apparently he’s seen at the winery there all the time. Of course, I move away, the place gets interesting.. JK, friends I still have there…

Anyway, my dad’s a fan of the show. And I bought him the book for Christmas, which he liked. And he’d probably follow him on Twitter, if he could figure Twitter out and start an account.

But that’s where Rachel comes in.

The parents read – and appreciate, most of the time – what goes on here at on-account-of and that, combined with his new favorite show, has made my dad decide it could happen to him.

What, you ask? Fame. From saying funny things. But he doesn’t want to put the work into it. He wants Rachel to start a blog, or a Twitter feed, wherein she writes down all the funny stuff he says. Correction – the stuff he thinks is funny that he says.

Now, I’ll give it to him – my dad can be pretty funny. But it’s often when he’s not trying to be. But at the moment, he’ll say something, allegedly, and point to Rachel and say “Put that on my blog.”

Maybe someday, someone will play him in a TV show, but for now, I think he’s gonna have to settle for a few mentions over here.

Like the time recently, when, not trying to be funny, he said someone who annoys him was “all up in (his) grill the other day.”

Yeah. Used it in context. The correct way. He knows what’s up. He used to listen to Nelly.

And who knows, maybe someday he’ll have his own blog.