Can’t stop won’t stop

…..listening to and, against my better judgment sometimes, liking Bruno Mars’ stuff. I mean there are the obvious good songs of his – Just The Way You Are and Marry You, for one two. But Grenade’s a little crazy. And so is this one. But dammit if it doesn’t have a good melody. Tangent: WhenContinue reading “Can’t stop won’t stop”

Top 10, take two

To kick off blog birthday week, my suggestions this week are a bit on the self-promotion side. OK, they’re all the way on the self-promotion side. I can’t lie to you guys. This week my blog turns two. Hopefully, unlike I’ve heard it is with kids, this two-year-old won’t have anything remotely close to terrible.Continue reading “Top 10, take two”

Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team I Really Don’t Care.

If you like Twilight, like, A LOT, you’re not gonna like what I have to say. Because I’m not a fan. So… to be fair, I warned you. OK, I don’t have an aversion to the supernatural, but in the past it has taken me time to warm up to it – I didn’t startContinue reading “Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team I Really Don’t Care.”