NERD ALERT: Like Trekkies, only much cooler

What’d you do Sunday night? ‘Cause at my apartment, there were about 20 people sitting in silence for 2 and a half hours – except during commercials – dressed as characters we’d come to love during the past six years. Oh. And there were some kick-ass decorations. And way too much food. LOST ended onContinue reading “NERD ALERT: Like Trekkies, only much cooler”

The best show I never watched. Until it was cancelled.

There’s a few shows people have always told me I should watch, but I never seem to listen. I mean, I’ll get to them eventually, but I already have too much to keep track of on the ol’ TiVo as it is! Thank God for Netflix. Because of Netflix, I’m caught up on a showContinue reading “The best show I never watched. Until it was cancelled.”