#tbt: Tales of a second-grade Laura

In honor of the holiday we’re doing this a day early. Check out this journal entry from 26 (!!!) years ago. Note the line near the bottom about how “Some people ONLY get Valentines from their parents.” This is still something I’m working through.


#tbt: Tales of a second-grade Laura

What did living my best life look like in second grade? Apparently it involved roller skates. And working toward that elusive two block adventure..

Can we also pause for the cause a moment though and appreciate how good I was at cursive at age 7 and a half?

#tbt: Tales of a second-grade Laura

Just when you thought the well might be running dry… I found my second grade journals. I had the same teacher in second and third grade so we had the same kind of daily writing prompt thing both years and I’m real glad I kept them all because there are some real gems in there, so this feature on the ol’ blog can go on for quite a while longer.

The story below omits several key details that don’t make me look like the bad guy I actually was in this story. (Meaning the part where we wouldn’t help her into the truck so she stood on the bike in gravel and it slipped out from under her and she had to get stitches).

*BONUS – I wrote about it again in third grade. Still only half the story. Still not taking responsibility for her hospital trip.. still obviously working through some shit.

#tbt: Tales of a third-grade Laura

Ohhhhhh you guys. Have I got a treat for you.

My parents are attempting to clean out some of the million boxes of things in their basement, which includes giving us kids some of our old stuff they’ve kept. A couple weeks ago, I collected one box from ’em – with such gems in it as Rachel’s lava lamp (whoops), my A Knight’s Tale poster (R.I.P. Heath Ledger) aaaaaand, a notebook of mine from third grade.

You see, my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Kleinhans (who also taught me in second-grade and is probably my all-time fave), had us keep a daily journal in her class. She would write a short prompt on the board and we had to write something based off that prompt. (Fun fact: Sometimes she drew pictures and we’d have to write what we thought they were.)

There are some GLORIOUS entries in there, which brings us to this new feature here on the blog for TBT. We’re going to take a walk down memory lane and revisit the beginnings of my career as a writer. You can see the talent even then.


You would be playing. WE GET IT, DAMN.

Also: Look at that phenomenal penmanship. Thanks, Mrs. Kleinhans!

#TBT Tunes: Double trouble

I’m writing this whilst suffering from insomnia. But posting it later – the magic of technology.

But what better way to entertain yourself when probably everyone else is asleep than to go through old CDs and laugh at your taste in music 10 or more years ago?

Yeah, so, we already revisited my old mixes numbers one, two, three and four.

Tonight? Five and six.

Lawa CD 5, y’all
Track 1 – “When You Say Nothin’ At All,” Alison Krauss.
That breakup took a LONG-ass time to get over. Dang. Apparently we are now at the “But he was so great, not a total asshole, remember the good times” stage. Pfft.

Track 2 – “Underneath Your Clothes,” Shakira
See comment on track one.

Track 3 – “Leavin’ On A Jet Plane,” Chantal Kreviazuk
I wore out this version.

Track 4 – “Baby Mine” Alison Krauss
I think I had just seen O Brother, Where Art Thou and was obsessed with Alison Krauss’ voice and found everything she’d sang that wasn’t on that soundtrack that I’d already listened to 19,000 times. Also this is the song from Dumbo that is heartbreaking.

Track 5 – “We Danced,” Brad Paisley
Yeah I wasn’t completely out of the country phase at this point..

Track 6 – “First Date,” Blink 182
Well this is a change from the previous track. Shit.

Track 7 – “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Britney Spears
*hangs head in shame*

Track 8 – “Think Of A Reason Later,” Leann Womack
Catchy as hell. And the lyrics are funny.

Track 9 – “Bring On The Rain,” Jo Dee Messina
Ohhh country music is really good for depression.

Track 10 – “You’ll Be In My Heart,” Phil Collins

Track 11 – “#1,” Nelly
Because that’s naturally what should come next, duh.

Track 12 – “I Got You Babe,” Sonny & Cher
I don’t even…

Track 13 – “Wherever You Will Go,” The Calling
You guys, this CD is making weird noises in the laptop and I’m afraid it might break it. So that totally means I need to break/rid the world of this CD. You’re welcome.

Lawa CD 6 is subtitled “Country Mix 1.” Um, young Laura, I beg to differ. I believe there have been a couple country mixes preceding this one. But whatever.

Track 1: “Prayin’ for Daylight,” Rascal Flatts
Fun fact: I saw these guys in concert like, four times.

Track 2: “Tall Tall Trees,” Alan Jackson
What’s he doing these days?

Track 3: “I Breathe In,” Chris Cagle
And, what’s HE doing these days?

Track 4: “Write This Down,” George Strait
Take a little note…

Track 5: “What If She’s An Angel,” Brad Paisley
I forgot about this song. This is boring, are you bored?

Track 6: “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive,” Travis Tritt
‘Member how Travis and I are BFF?

Track 7: “Strawberry Wine,” Deana Carter
Oh man, this song. You know what it’s about? Well, one time I sang it with my best friend and my ex at karaoke and in the middle of it (after several alcoholic beverages) I called out the ex and said “Oh hey, remember that?” HAHAHAHA. Sorry again, Rebeck.

Track 8: “Forever and Ever Amen,” Randy Travis
I will always love this song.

Track 9: “The Lucky One,” Alison Krauss
Oh, there’s Alison Krauss again.

Track 10: “So Complicated,” Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Track 11: “Amazed,” Lonestar
This is a prom song.

Track 12: “What I Really Meant To Say,” Cyndi Thomson
These CDs are where one-hit-wonder country singers go to die.

Track 13: “When I Think About Angels,” Jamie O’Neal
See previous track.

Track 14: “I’m Moving On,” Rascal Flatts
Please tell me this song is a clue to the end of the depression/super-awful song choices on these mixes. At least for a little while…

Track 15: “She’s In Love With The Boy,” Trisha Yearwood
Fun fact: My sister hates Trisha Yearwood.

And with that, I’m sleepy. Hopefully CD 7 is much better..

#TBT Tunes

We are on Lawa CD 3, kids.

Let’s do this.

Track 1: “Two Pina Coladas,” Garth Brooks
OK I might actually listen to this entire song. Old school Garth…nothing like it. And he remains one of like three country artists whose albums I can listen to in their entirety.

Track 2: “Helplessly, Hopelessly, Recklessly,” Jessica Andrews
I’m sorry you guys, this was my country phase. I don’t know what’s coming next. Don’t judge me too harshly.

Track 3: “Angry All The Time,” Tim McGraw
Yeah, the title kinda says it. I think I was probably majorly depressed at this point. Must have gotten dumped not too long before this was made. This is a good song though. I’m singing along.

Track 4: “Already There,” Lonestar

Track 5: “With You,” Lila McCann
Damn, I keep waiting to go to the next one and it be some Ja Rule or Nelly. Also – what happened to some of these people? I haven’t heard anything about them probably since I made this CD.

Track 6: “Cowboy Take Me Away,” Dixie Chicks
Liz and I absolutely KILL this song at karaoke. In a good way. I think. After several margaritas.

Track 7: “Any Man Of Mine,” Shania Twain
Oh shit. Shania.

Track 8: “One Way Ticket,” LeAnn Rimes
Here’s where you can really feel sorry for me. Not only because LEANN RIMES. But because I still know all the words. I have for all of these. Do I remember half of the stuff I learned in high school? Nope. But every word to every song on every single mix I’ve got? YOU BET. (Sidenote – is this not the MOST 90s video EVER?)

Track 9: “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” Kenny Chesney
NOT AGAIN. I’m breaking this disc once this post is done.

Track 10: “Why They Call It Falling,” Lee Ann Womack
Inner monologue before this song starts “Please don’t have any more Kenny songs on here…”

Track 11: “The River,” Garth Brooks
Such a depressing mix of songs. What year was this? Who had hurt me? I blame KD. I blame all my high school drama on undiagnosed depression and KD.

Track 12: “Wide Open Spaces,” Dixie Chicks
Aw, remember when the Dixie Chicks were relevant? And good?

Track 13: “The Healin’ Kind,” Lee Ann Womack
Lord, help 16-year-old me. She’s a hot mess.

Track 14: “Friends in Low Places,” Garth Brooks
More Garth Brooks live. This one’s about getting drunk, which I actually never did in high school. #wastedopportunities #bandnerd #highonlife

Track 15: “Cowboy in Me,” Tim McGraw
I mean, I thought they’d at least KIND of pick up by now..

Track 16: “I Reckon I Will,” Lila McCann
Obviously loved me some two-hit wonder female country singers at this point in life.

Track 17: “Telluride,” Tim McGraw
Good song, but thank God this is the last track.