Sounds familiar

I couldn’t stage a comeback without including an old favorite for y’all. You know the drill. Texts From Last Night publishes texts that could very well be from my friends, even though the area codes are different… Sounds like…me (865) I’m so drunk. Liken realign drink (615) Like really drunk? (615) Or did you enjoyContinue reading “Sounds familiar”

We can make a game out of anything

Seriously, we can. So I have this group of friends/family. They make up a significant portion of my “net.” We don’t have a name, really, like CKR, but we do refer to the group, usually, by referencing our hashtag we use to hype ourselves up for events where we’ll all be together. It’s #gamenightbitchezzz (WithContinue reading “We can make a game out of anything”

Sounds familiar, vol. XVII

I’m digging out from vacation/wedding number 1/catching up everywhere else and in the midst of working on a slew of things to post for you in the next couple of weeks. So for now, you’ll have to make do with this. I’m sure you’re upset. So I made it a little longer than usual toContinue reading “Sounds familiar, vol. XVII”