31 thoughts one has whilst their AC is on the fritz

1. It’s kind of hot in here.

2. Yeah, I’m sweating.

3. It’s kind of like a sauna.


5. I did not set it on 84.

6. Lemme just turn it way, way down, that should work, right?

7. (Hour later) Nope. Not working.

8. The good thing about home ownership and living by yourself, you can walk around your place naked or close to it.

9. I really need to get curtains for my living room.

10. How many more nights can I go sleeping whilst sweating?

11. Like, I sweat in my sleep even when the AC isn’t messed up.

12. Sleeping naked isn’t bad though.

13. This condo is now a sweat lodge.

14. I think I just hallucinated.

15. One should not have to reapply deodorant in their house this much.

16. Oh, it went down to 83, that’s good.

17. Nope, back up to 84.

18. Maybe if I sit really still it won’t be so bad.

19. You can sweat even when you’re not moving.

20. I’ve drunk (drank?) all the water.

21. Why does drank sound like it’s not a word right now?

22. Maybe I’m still hallucinating.

23. Well there’s a big chunk of ice on the AC unit, so the air is going somewhere.

24. Let me just message my HVAC pro friends.

25. Yeah something’s officially wrong with the AC that no amount of turning up or down can fix.

26. Payday is Friday.

27. I might be delirious/a puddle on the floor by then.

28. I could just stand in front of the open freezer door a while.

29. Or go outside.

30. Nope, definitely the same temperature outside as in.

31. Time to text Chuck.


Best Week Ever. Part 2.

Things you would have told me 10 years ago I’d be doing and I wouldn’t have believed: Chaperoning six teenagers on an overseas trip for eight days and having one of the best times of my life in the process.

But it happened.

You see, this summer I decided to be real nice and I took these goobers with me to Jamaica.



I was in charge of them and getting them to and from Jamaica safely and if that phrase puts fear in your heart, you are not alone, my friends.

I’ll be real honest. I didn’t know what to expect. Not that I thought anything would go wrong, or I’d have any problems, but I’ve always had someone there to ask how to handle something or to refer all questions to. But now I was the lone answerer of the questions. The keeper of the information. And medical release forms. And rules.

Luckily I took the best group of teenagers in the world with me and had no problems at all.



Watching this group experience what I had twice before was amazing for me. Watching them make new friends and learn about new cultures and try new foods and live without WiFi for hours at a time.. there were times I just sat there and smiled, glad that I could be a part of a week I know they won’t forget.


I didn’t always know that I wanted to work with teenagers, that I wanted to work with a youth group. But now I can’t really imagine not doing it.

And it doesn’t hurt that the youth I work with are the best ones on this planet, either.


I tease and call them my babies sometimes because I feel like i have to take care of all of them. And I got it right back on this trip, when they called me “Mom” at various times. But that’s fine. I did have a Mom Bag.


And later, when we got home and I watched them share their experiences with others and heard about what that week had meant to them, well yeah. I was Mom all over again. All proud of my little ones for who they are and what they’d done and the love they’d shown each other and our friends – new and old – in Jamaica.


OK enough mushy stuff. More pictures.



Awesome week, awesome-er company. Couldn’t have asked for a better group.


Now what do I do?

The Olympics are over, you all.

We have to wait four more years. And don’t even say “Oh, but there’s winter games,” because those don’t even come close.

Ice skating is not as fun as gymnastics to watch and while I’ll tune in for some skiing, it’s no swimming and diving..

And it’s because of these Olympics I have a new song on rotation.

Yes, it’s by a guy that won American Idol, but.. it doesn’t sound like it’s by a guy that won American Idol.

It was the theme song of the Olympics and if you excuse me, I’m gonna go listen to it on repeat as part of my continued morning process that this year’s Games are over.

Playlist fo da summah

Sometimes I get really tired of all of the music on my iPhone. And then I’m greatfuil for Pandora and for the iPhone’s capabilities to let me listen to music through THAT rather than the songs I spent money on.

Because that makes all the sense in the world.

I don’t make mixed CDs anymore, because that is so 2000 and late. Plus I have one of those cars where you can plug in your iPod and play music. ‘CAUSE I’M RICH, BEEEYOTCH.

Ha. I wish. Would solve several problems I’ve had as of late and get that pit of anxiety out of my stomach. Unless it’s not anxiety and it’s just residual meat from my weak week in Savannah.

Wanna know what’s on my playlist? I bet you do.

There’s a lot of repeat performers on there and some I’ve written about before, but all do the same – make me smile. Or feel relaxed. Or want to be taking a nap in a hammock with sounds of waves crashing in the background. I don’t ask for much.

1. “Be Calm,” Fun.

2. “Be Here Now,” Ray Lamontagne

3. “Bein’ Green,” Damian McGinty

4. “The Cave,” Mumford and Sons

5. “Concrete Wall,” Zee Avi

6. “Cry,” Lea Michele

7. “Falling,” The Civil Wars

8. “Fix You,” Coldplay

9. “Frank D. Fixer,” Jason Mraz

10. “I Guess I Should Go To Sleep,” Jack White

11. “Meg White,” Ray Lamontagne

12. “Hannah,” Ray Lamontagne

13. “One More Night,” Maroon 5

14. “Shake It Out,” Florence and the Machine

15. “Talk Show Host,” Radiohead

16. “Thistle and Weeds,” Mumford and Sons

17. “To Whom It May Concern,” The Civil Wars

18. “Wide Awake,” Katy Perry

19. “93 Million Miles,” Jason Mraz

20. “Giving Up,” Ingrid Michaelson

21. “Until You,” Dave Barnes

22. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” Pink

23. “Your Song,” Ellie Goulding*
*Elton John’s is, of course, the best, but this is giving the Moulin Rouge version a run for its money when it comes to second place.

24. “Hey Jude,” The Beatles

25. “Love The Way You Lie, Pt. III,” Skylar Grey

26. “Wipe Your Eyes,” Maroon 5

27. “50 Ways To Say Goodbye,” Train

You’re welcome. Now get to downloadin’.

Which is better, Christmas or Wedding Season?

My grandpa had three rules for men to follow when it came to getting married.

1. You had to be 25.
2. You had to have met, and liked, her mother.
3. You had to have seen her in a bathing suit.

Served him well, the man would have been married 70 years this year.

It’s advice I am 99-percent sure three guys I know have taken, because they’ll be marrying three of my favorite ladies on the planet later this year.

Yep, you guys, this summer is WEDDING SEASON!

It comes around once every few years (the last one was the summer/fall of 2010, and before that, one spanned the entire year of 2007). And I love every minute of it.

I’m so happy for all three of my girls and am honored to play a part in each of their days and the planning process. I’ve helped shop for 2 wedding dresses, done 2 save-the-date shoots and that’s just the beginning.

In June, we have Ashley and Matt’s wedding. I’m like 78 percent responsible for them meeting, so I take their relationship as a personal success. They are both amazing people that I couldn’t imagine my life without.

I was there when Ashley found her wedding dress. I will be there when everyone else who loves her gets to see her wearing it. And I’ll be that girl running around on the beach that day (yup, beach wedding, another reason I love her) trying not to get sand in my camera while trying to capture as much of the day for her as I can.

She wants me to take pictures. She trusts me. That’s scary, y’all. Engagement shoots you can schedule to do again. But hey, at least it’s a digital camera, so I’ll know how they turn out immediately. And I cannot wait to be there for her on her special day.

Rebecca’s up next, marrying Jered in July at a plantation in Tennessee. You see, I have a handful of people that I truly consider to be my soulmates, and Rebeck is right up there at the top. I love our friendship and am so happy for her and Jered.

I’ll be standing up there with her on her day, in my Kentucky blue bridesmaid’s dress (and a hidden UofL Cardinal temporary tat on my body so nobody gets confused as to where my allegiance lies), probably crying just like I will at Ashley’s because I am so glad my friends have found these guys to share their lives with.

And finally, in August, comes the party of the century. Rachel and Charles are getting married. And my family can throw down.

Seriously, we do Derby and Christmas up right and this, well, this will be a whole other story. People are lining up their transportation options (Cabs, City Scoot) back from the reception now. And it’s March.

I love Chuckie like a brother and have since they started dating, right after I left for college. So this is really just a formality. And making it all official and whatnot. And an excuse to have a huge party.

I was there when Rachel found her dress and, friends, she’s going to look so beautiful that day. It’s amazing. I’m loving being a part of the planning and prep process for this, and she and Chuckie were my guinea pigs for engagement photo shoots and save-the-date designs (which I’ll post a peek of once they’ve all been sent out, if I get the OK).

I’m a bridesmaid at their wedding as well, and we made sure those dresses had pockets because I’ll cry. I’m sure. Or, ya know, I’ll keep a flask in there. Some days I can’t believe she’s getting married and other times it feels like they’ve been married all along, there’s just this big-ass party the end of August that our entire family and tons of our friends will be there for.

So yeah, Wedding Season officially starts in June, but I’m already in the mode. Engagement photos, save-the-dates, wedding showers, dresses, hunting down (easy but also amazing) ideas on Pinterest for something crafty I can do for them as a wedding present, because I don’t do the registry for these ladies.

You’ll see pictures, hopefully, of all things wedding I can show you, before and after, but for now you’ll just have to be content with the building of the excitement, like I am.

‘Cause I. Can. Not. Wait!

And we’ll have a jolly good time

So, I don’t know if you know this or not – unless we aren’t that close, you don’t know me or follow me on Twitter or I haven’t talked about it too much – but this summer I’m leaving the country.

Not permanently, just for a week. And I don’t even have to learn a different language, y’all.

I’m going to London. Yep, the one in England, not the one in Kentucky. I don’t believe it either.

You see, I have been out of the country before…twice to Jamaica and once to Canada – which I don’t really count because we went to Toronto and that’s basically still America. But never anything like this.

One of my cousins – who I’ve been wanting to visit for a while anyway – moved over there for work for a couple years. When I found that out I figured “what a perfect time for a visit!” I’d get to see her and her family, which I’m super-excited about because they’re awesome and fun and funny AND I get to go to one of the countries I’ve been dying to visit since at least the first Harry Potter book.

I’ve already been practicing my accent and the limited British slang I know. It’s not as good as my Boston stuff..but I have a few more months to work on it.

My knowledge of London is not limited to those books but they are one of my favorite things to come out of that country in recent years.

Here are some others.

I have no idea what we’re going to do but some of the obvious tourist-y stuff and maybe a couple Harry Potter-related sights are definitely on the list. Have I mentioned yet that the morning we fly in to Heathrow Airport is the morning after the very last HP movie premieres over there? I will not be held responsible for what may happen if I see any of them in the airport. And I may or may not be wearing my HP glasses and Quidditch shirt. Yeah, I’m that girl.

It’s still a little more than three months away, so there’s no official countdown started yet but I am ridiculously excited. Adding to this fact – I haven’t had a vacation in two years, unless you count that awesome week of quarantine after The Great Appendix Eviction of 2011. And I don’t count that. Because the only remotely fun thing involved was mid-day naps.

So. Advice on sights to see, foods to eat, things to bring to a person who hasn’t been in America for a year? Gimme. Please?

Summer project

Once you’re a grown-up, you really don’t have a summer vacation – unless you’re a teacher, which I’m not. Instead, I have the same days off I have the rest of the year, unless I want to use some of the time I’ve earned to get outta town for a few days. Last year, I took two weeks off in a row, going to Myrtle Beach with my family and Jamaica as a chaperone for my church’s summer youth mission trip. So really, I can’t complain.

This year, I have no plans to go on a big vacation. Yet. I may take some short weekend trips to BG and Nashville to see friends and I’ve talked to a couple of my aunts about taking a trip up north to visit at some point later this year. But no matter what I do this summer, I have some goals to accomplish. And I need your help.

Remember that to-do list I wrote about last year? It’s time to get to work on it. And I kind of already have.

I already bought a car on my own. And I’ve started volunteering with an organization, kind of. I’m helping out at my church. I volunteered to baby-sit some of the cutest lil’ kids once a week for a few hours while their mothers take ESL classes.

There are some more things I want to start checking off though:
• Ride in a hot air balloon.
• Learn how to throw a football.
• Take a cooking class.
• Learn how to play golf.
• See the Red Sox play in Fenway Park.
• Get a tattoo…maybe, still thinking about when. I know what I’m going to get, though.
• Start a book club – for reals this time.

And there’s some things I want to add:
• Host or attend one of those murder mystery parties.
• Try a few new foods – and not be scared of it.
• Buy one of those paintings done by an elephant.
• Stand in a celebrity’s footprints at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
• Drink green beer.
• Meet Robert Downey Jr.

I’ll take any help I can get checking this stuff off. Any volunteers? 🙂

Let’s go to the movies

In the next few months, there are a BUNCH of good movies coming out. This summer, too. OH, and there’s that Harry Potter movie coming out this fall. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

So here are a few of them I want to see. Who wants to go with me? 🙂