49 thoughts I have had while at the gym

Can I just say, it’s amazing how much more motivation you have when you quit a job you hate and actually want to get out of bed in the morning again. Two days after I left that job, I was a member at a gym up the road from my house: Planet Fitness, which IContinue reading “49 thoughts I have had while at the gym”

I don’t really care about The Dude

Once upon a time, I tried to watch a movie that seemingly everyone had already seen and said was awesome. And I just so happen to live in a city that celebrates said movie with a huge event. And I didn’t really like it/get what all the fuss was about. I turned it off lessContinue reading “I don’t really care about The Dude”

So many matches, so little to like about this process

Wanna know what goes through my head as I review the “matches” pre-selected for me by a company I am paying by the month to find me love? OF COURSE YOU DO. So, here goes.  OK. Starting with my Singled Out Match of the Day! Oh boy!  Singled Out was a good show. When IContinue reading “So many matches, so little to like about this process”

A long overdue screening

How is it that I’ve gone this long without seeing Scarface in it’s entirety? Not sure. But that ends today. I’ve seen bits and pieces on TV (heavily-edited) but never watched it from start to finish. Also, it’s really frigging long! A couple of the parts I have seen are crazy, though, so I figuredContinue reading “A long overdue screening”