#tbt: Tales of a second-grade Laura

Just when you thought the well might be running dry… I found my second grade journals. I had the same teacher in second and third grade so we had the same kind of daily writing prompt thing both years and I’m real glad I kept them all because there are some real gems in there, so this feature on the ol’ blog can go on for quite a while longer.

The story below omits several key details that don’t make me look like the bad guy I actually was in this story. (Meaning the part where we wouldn’t help her into the truck so she stood on the bike in gravel and it slipped out from under her and she had to get stitches).

*BONUS – I wrote about it again in third grade. Still only half the story. Still not taking responsibility for her hospital trip.. still obviously working through some shit.


If I ever add a tagline to this blog…

I cannot take credit for naming this blog. That would be The Roommate, who said something like, “You should call it ‘On Account Of’ or something like that since you say that a lot.” And the rest is history.

I also cannot take credit for this next gem, which is a beautiful, wonderful compliment (of which are few and far between when it comes to The Roommate and I, but we love each other, I promise. He’s my best friend.) and as I mentioned earlier, a possible future tagline for this here blog.

Anthony: Your writing reminds me of a touching Oprah story.

It’s a toss-up between that or “Like Oprah, only better.”

The creepiness of the music of the night

More often than not, friends and family members will pass along things that they’ve seen/heard at their jobs they know I will enjoy.

This is the reason I have a ceramic bear holding a heart that says “Your sweet.” (Your sweet what?)

It’s also the reason you’ve gotten to read the chronicles of cubicle neighbor-dom.

For me, it reinforces the fact that I want them all to have blogs of their own, because these aren’t the first funny or crazy things that have happened to them and I’m sure they won’t be the last.

But since they don’t have blogs of their own, they pass them on to me, meaning I get to share them with you.

And this one’s a doozy.

My sister works for company that puts on concerts, plays and other events throughout the year. And a lot of people ask her place of business if they can get tickets donated.

She does the same thing for every one of them – sends them a form letter that tells them they won’t be donating the tickets. All well and good, until the crazies reply again.

So she forwarded me an e-mail reply she got this week – keep in mind this was really sent for no reason at all though, conversation was done – where, according to Rach, she basically says “Oh it’s OK you can’t give us the tickets. By the way, look at this freaky picture of my grandkids.”

Yeah. She thanks Rach for her response but also decides to share a story about how her kids and grandkids loved “Phantom of the Opera.”

“They loved it so much and learned some of the songs,” she wrote.

Don’t believe it? Well that’s OK, ’cause she sent a picture for proof.

There are no words. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to dry my eyes from crying from laughing so hard.

Happy birthday, lil’ blog

Today is my blog’s first birthday. And what a year it’s been.

Exactly one year ago today I sat down at my computer and thought, “hey, I should start a blog.” I didn’t have a purpose for it, other than to share with my friends and family – and other random people that stumbled upon this site – stories about things that happen to me, good or bad or funny or gross. At the very least, it could be a way to keep track of all the stories for myself, it’d give me something to go back and read.

Some has changed in the past year, some has stayed the same. I’ve hit a bird with my car, I’ve bought a new car, I’ve made some lists, I’ve won some awards, I’ve moved apartments and I’ve laid in my bed at night in fear of the ceiling fan falling down and cutting my feet off.

I have a few more readers than I did at first, but I only know who they are because they told me they saw something on my blog they liked, or they made a comment. And for all of you who read this, I just want to tell you, thank you. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Having supportive people in your life who care about what you do – even if it’s something as silly as telling about when you play grammar police or wanting to share the WTF moment from your Netflix account – means a lot. I love when I find out someone has read something I wrote and liked it, or it made them laugh.

What started out as something kind of just for me and kind of just to see what happened, has become something kind of important. It’s become fun, a stress-reliever of sorts. And I’m sorry if it bugs you when I post these links on Facebook and Twitter, but you can’t be too mad, you did click on it. 😉

It’s part of being a writer, though, to want to share, I think. Could I add any more commas to that sentence? Geez. What was I saying? Oh. If I didn’t want to share, I’d just keep all this in a notebook, hidden in my room, where no one could read it – like I did in high school and thank God I threw those away…

Anyways. This is the end of the first of what I hope is many, many more years of writing. And hopefully, learning how to do some cool Web design stuff, because this page is not gonna look this way forever. Which reminds me, what do you all think? Should the header change? Should the layout/theme change? Should I make up my own mind already and stop asking you guys?

I won’t be celebrating with cake and ice cream or anything like that, but I did coincidentally watch a movie based on a blog last night – Julie and Julia. Makes me want to learn how to cook, which is on my big ol’ to-do list that will hopefully be getting shorter and shorter as this second year goes by.

Ideas, comments, things you love, hate, want to see, bring ’em on. And check back later for my top 10 favorite posts from the past year. Thanks for reading.