Lost and found

Five years ago this week, I signed up as a volunteer for the Special Olympics Kentucky State Basketball Tournament. Next weekend, I’m going to be watching a team I coach participate in that tournament. Four years ago, I was starting to get more involved with the organization – but hadn’t yet found my place. IContinue reading “Lost and found”

Gold Medal in Spectating

You guys, I am so obsessed with the Olympics. I’m watching it as I write this, like I have been, with any second of free time I have except for from 10-11 on Sunday nights because that’s when Breaking Bad is on and I need to know how much crazier Walter White’s gonna get. IContinue reading “Gold Medal in Spectating”

I only hang out with/am related to talented people

In the midst of all the fun at the Derby party on Saturday, there was a volleyball tournament. Seriously, I think we played 14 games. And since I’m all tryin’ to be a baller… I wasn’t behind the camera. That job was taken over by my lovely assistants, Maegan, Hopey and Anna Banana. They didContinue reading “I only hang out with/am related to talented people”