Somethin’ to talk about

OK, so the other day I got really obsessed with my stats and managed to find the ones that had gotten the most reads in the past five years. And oddly enough, the moth one was the winner. Ugh, moths. I just gagged. Anyways. Another thing I found in my stats search was the topContinue reading “Somethin’ to talk about”

Sounds familiar

I couldn’t stage a comeback without including an old favorite for y’all. You know the drill. Texts From Last Night publishes texts that could very well be from my friends, even though the area codes are different… Sounds like…me (865) I’m so drunk. Liken realign drink (615) Like really drunk? (615) Or did you enjoyContinue reading “Sounds familiar”

Sounds familiar XVI

Things are a little behind over here, if you haven’t noticed. But not for much longer. See, I put this together for you! Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming….but first.. Sounds like…Me (780): Just rinsed and put my styrofoam cup of noodles in the dishwasher. I need to be not hungover ASAP. (281): TooContinue reading “Sounds familiar XVI”

Sounds familiar XV

As if I would kick this important week off with anything else… Sounds like…Me (850): Although I am concerned about who made the decision to let you loose in a bridal show I am proud to see you in a sombero again. (610): I think she’s perpetually drunk (484): It’s all she knows. (484): DidContinue reading “Sounds familiar XV”

Sounds familiar XIII

You know how they say 13 is an unlucky number? Well, in this case it’s not. It’s lucky. For you! Sounds like…Me (717): Gotcha. Well, I’m puking and trying to keep down water from a mug that says “love the moment” around the rim. Not loving this particular moment. (515): you picked up the vacuumContinue reading “Sounds familiar XIII”

Sounds familiar XI

Oh yeah. I did it. Part 11. On 11-11-11. At 11:11. It’s magical and whatnot. Sounds like…Me (512): You kept running up to random groups of people and saying “I’m a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader so we all have to chug our drinks!” and they all listened to you. (250): Everyone is slow dancing to Aerosmith.Continue reading “Sounds familiar XI”

Sounds familiar IX

A gift for you, because I know you’ll love it. No need to thank me. Sounds like…me (708) Also, turning on the light this morning was a three-step process. Way too hungover. (705) You would only drink if the Space Jam soundtrack was playing, you thought it was hilarious that before every shot you saidContinue reading “Sounds familiar IX”