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This girl knows my heart and I need to see her in concert again, ASAP.

Lovey dovey

I saw John Mayer in concert a long time ago. Twice, actually. I think? It’s been a while.

And I saw my girl Katy Perry a couple years ago. Best concert I’ve ever seen (until this summer’s NKOTB/Boyz II Men/98 Degrees amazingness). But we aren’t talking about that now.

Allegedly, John and Katy are together. And this makes me happy. Because they both make beautiful music that describes my life at various times and they’re just generally great and now…guess what. They made a song together.

And it’s glorious.

Seriously, I’ve had it on repeat for days and it makes me wanna fall in love so bad. And also makes me hope they never break up.

But yeah. Just give it a listen and tell me you don’t like it.

I especially like this part..

“My boy ain’t the one that I saw coming,
Some have said his heart’s to hard to hold.
It takes a little time, but you should see him when he shines.
Because you’ll never want to let that feeling go.”


B.A. (Before Adele)

Long before I discovered counseling, I had my own version of therapy. It was called “listen to this song because it’s about exactly what you’re going through so someone GETS you right now, it’s like they KNOW.”

And then I turned 16 and wised up.

Just kidding.

Throughout my teenage years, then college to now, I’ve always been one to find that song or that playlist that just fits. It fits my mood, it fits my life, it fits my situation, its like someone looked inside my head then wrote it.

I have like, 4 CDs from college I made when I was on the low side of the depression spectrum and I listen to them now and know exactly what was going on then. And, strangely, a lot of them were full of country music. (The Roommate will be so proud.)

Nowadays, most of the songs I listen to or have on my selected playlist are for their quality. Or their cool lyrics. Or the fact that they are rap songs from back in the day and I still know all the words and want to sing them loud in my car.

Every once in a while one will come along that I really grab on to. It seems to read my mind.

And sometimes, my mind, like almost anyone else in the world unless they are a robot, is angsty. Not about any one thing in particular really, but when it’s love-related, it’s Adele. Except, B.A. (Before Adele) nobody did angsty like Maroon Five. And they’re apparently still at it.

Because I am hooked on “Payphone.” Not because I’m hung up on a boy or because it brings back memories of having to use an actual pay phone once upon a time, like when I needed my parents to come pick me up from the movie theater.

Nah. It’s just a catchy, angsty song. And it has my two favorite curse words in it. And Adam Levine’s sweet, sweet voice. So that can’t hurt.

Perfect for my soundtrack. And Grey’s Anatomy’s.

At the end of last season I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy. I’ll probably go back to it eventually when its all on DVD just to see what happened after I left, but it just got to be too melodramatic for me. I got tired of watching a show where every week I couldn’t stop crying over fictional characters. So now, instead, I watch a show about the zombie apocalypse.

That said, it had/has some killer music. Shonda Rhimes has a good ear for things. And this song, if it hasn’t been on there already, would fit perfectly.

Also I like it a lot.

On repeat this week

Bon Iver.

Prior to like, Tuesday, what I knew of him consisted of the news story where it mentioned that Bon Iver won one of the only Grammys Adele DIDN’T win (and rightfully so, I love that girl), and also the skit where my boy JT played him on SNL.

But yeah, heart him right now. That song’s just one of several of his I am enjoying. On account of he’s all over my Florence and the Machine Pandora station (a.k.a. The Second Best Thing I Ever Did) and I ain’t mad at it.

Ya dig?

Really diggin’ this song right now.

A few notes, however: Weird video. OK Go has spoiled me on all other music videos. No other comes close.

The first time I heard it I thought it was a song from the 80s. I usually don’t care that much about 80s songs.

Also, it’s totally pronounced “Go-tee-yay” not “Got-ya.” I’m from Kentucky.

Incredible and insane

I think when OK Go plans their music videos, they start out with the thought “What’s the most random thing we could do this time?” And then they go like, 100 miles beyond that.

You know I love them. Their music is great and I’ve been a fan since college when a former roommate introduced me to them and I wondered why I hadn’t heard of them long before.

Their videos get progressively more awesome as time goes by and just when I thought they couldn’t top the one for “This Too Shall Pass” and its crazy domino-effect all completely real tricks, they go and do this:

I can’t even.. no words.

Jealous, for so many reasons

We’re starting a new feature over here at on-account-of. You can look for it every Friday and it’s under the category called “Wish I’d thought of this.”

What’s it all about? I’m glad you asked. See, there are things I see or stories I hear of and a lot of the time I’m like, “Damn. Why didn’t I think of that?”

And what a perfect way to describe this video I’ve posted below.

Some of you long-time readers may remember the first love letter I ever wrote on this site. It was back when I was a baby blogger and it was just lil’ ol’ me professing my love for Jason Segel.

Totally lame in comparison to this girl, who wrote him a song, played it on her guitar and sang it for him and — here’s the part where I’m most jealous because I totally could write a cute song and really need to learn to play guitar – he’s seen it. In fact, he said it was maybe his favorite thing ever. And, according to his Twitter, he’s working on a response.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go attempt to write a song for Robert Downey Jr. and learn how to play the banjo or piano or something. Because that’s what gets results. Plus, he’s next on my list.