This kid is awesome

In addition to several adults we spent time with during our trip to England, we also got in some QT with my cousin’s 6-year-old son, Alistair.

One of the funniest kids I know, seriously.

The one-liners kept coming all week and there’s so much that made us laugh..I don’t know where to start.

You’ve already heard his feelings about nudity.

He doesn’t always say “brilliant,” but there are loads of other (see what I did there?) British phrases he throws into conversation.

Some examples?

“Can I have a go on your iPod when we get home?”

“Mummy, can we go straightaway?”

“Shall I go get the game?”

He loved Ashley from the second we got there, so much so that I asked if she was his girlfriend. Allyson said “Isn’t Sloane your girlfriend?” Sloane, of course, being a girl at his school.

Alistair: “She was.”
Allyson: “Is she not still your girlfriend?”
Alistair: “No.”
Allyson: “Why not?”
Alistair: “She smacked me in the face and I broke up.”

The child is also a fantastic photographer, he really can capture the moment, like he did when he caught this beautiful moment:

And other gems like these:

I haven’t even mentioned the faces he does. This is a picture of my personal favorite, the Port Authority Face – meaning the face you get when you ask a question at the Port Authority.

And then there was Abbey Road. This kid can take direction very well. We made him do a number of different poses, from a gargoyle to a frog. The best one, I think, is the one down below. The sphinx. Couldn’t have done it better myself. Actually, I probably couldn’t have even done it at all.

We hung out with some other kids while we were there, too, including two middle-school-aged Brits that we taught how to say “hamburger” and “water” like we do here in the U.S.ofA. But Alistair takes the cake.


Important lessons at a young age

While watching “How To Look Good Naked” in England – where at the end of the show you usually see someone naked (from the back, it’s not too crazy), we listened to Alistair’s reactions to the lady they were showing.

Alistair, 6: Ooh! Woo! Underwear!
(Lady on the show shows herself naked from the back)
Guy on TV: Brilliant!
Allyson: Alistair, do you say brilliant?
Alistair: Only when I see her naked!

What in the bloody hell was that?

This week I am in England. Birthplace of Harry Potter, which as a nerd, I am ridiculously addicted to.

Yep, I’m gonna be that girl in my glasses – which reminds me I need to find them… – and my wand crying through the final installment when I see it after midnight the 14th.

But for now, I’m stalking Harry Potter landmarks in London, sorry Ash, and practicing my slang.

I’ve used this for reference and will be perfecting it this week.