This kid is awesome

In addition to several adults we spent time with during our trip to England, we also got in some QT with my cousin’s 6-year-old son, Alistair. One of the funniest kids I know, seriously. The one-liners kept coming all week and there’s so much that made us laugh..I don’t know where to start. You’ve alreadyContinue reading “This kid is awesome”

Important lessons at a young age

While watching “How To Look Good Naked” in England – where at the end of the show you usually see someone naked (from the back, it’s not too crazy), we listened to Alistair’s reactions to the lady they were showing. Alistair, 6: Ooh! Woo! Underwear! (Lady on the show shows herself naked from the back)Continue reading “Important lessons at a young age”

What in the bloody hell was that?

This week I am in England. Birthplace of Harry Potter, which as a nerd, I am ridiculously addicted to. Yep, I’m gonna be that girl in my glasses – which reminds me I need to find them… – and my wand crying through the final installment when I see it after midnight the 14th. ButContinue reading “What in the bloody hell was that?”