Challenge completed

And there you have it. Challenge accepted. And completed. 30 days, 30 songs. Hopefully I got you interested in a new song or two. If not, then, well, you’re a damn hard audience to please! I could do 30 more days if I had 30 new categories. Song Your Mom Wouldn’t Let You Take ToContinue reading “Challenge completed”

One name, like Britney. Or Liza. Or Snoop.

On very rare occasions while driving, I’ll change radio stations. In doing so, I leave my favorite local station, 100.5 – which plays music from my childhood-high school years and STEP BY STEP, OOH BABY. GONNA GET TO YOU G-I-I-I-I-R-R-R-LLL. The station I usually choose is 98.9 because those DJs on 99.7 make my brainContinue reading “One name, like Britney. Or Liza. Or Snoop.”