My girls

I’m the oldest of three girls. I without a doubt have Oldest Child Syndrome. I’m bossy, protective and afraid to be a rule-breaker, most of the time. My sisters and I are three and nine years apart, and these past few years we’ve reached ages where it doesn’t feel so far away. Our friends areContinue reading “My girls”

Too old for me to boss around

Today my first roommate, my former car-twin, the girl who once upon a time idolized me to the point where she’d say in her cute little voice, “I wiss my name was Lawa,” turns 24. Happy birthday, little sister. I love you. And if you’re lucky, I may let you come over and watch meContinue reading “Too old for me to boss around”

A singer since birth…almost

During a Sunday afternoon car ride with the pastor’s kids – ages 11 and 7… Aidan, 11: Sarah has a singing problem. Me: What’s that mean? Aidan: It means when she hears a song she knows she can’t help but sing. Me: That’s a good problem to have. Sarah: Yeah there’s this one song andContinue reading “A singer since birth…almost”