I wonder if his friends call him Huggy Bear

Sometimes I see blogs like People of Walmart or People of the Park and think “Why couldn’t I come up with something like that?” I mean, I like people-watching as much as the next person and it’d be awesome to get paid just for leaving the house and seeing what the crazies and weirdos areContinue reading “I wonder if his friends call him Huggy Bear”

Why I Won’t Shop At Meijer/Grammar Ninja

I have a bumper sticker on my car my roommate got me one year that says “Grammar Ninja: Ruthless, Deadly, Articulate.” It’s true. I am a Grammar Ninja of some sort, if such a thing exists. I don’t think I’m really deadly though. As a journalism major, fan of the English language and supporter ofContinue reading “Why I Won’t Shop At Meijer/Grammar Ninja”