The Fifth Season

There’s winter, spring, summer, fall and then WEDDING SEASON. Name the movie where those two words are important. And then come watch it with me because you obviously have good taste in movies too and we should be friends if we aren’t already. As you may have heard, I have a few weddings going onContinue reading “The Fifth Season”

InstagrAMAZING: Savannah Edition

It’s my last post on our little trip that was now more than a month ago (when did that happen?) but not because I’ve run out of pictures – I could post those for days. Or weeks. But that’s not all this blog is about. So while I work on some other things currently inContinue reading “InstagrAMAZING: Savannah Edition”

Being pretty is a full-time job

My friends are pretty. And cute. And handsome, if they’re dudes. It’s pretty much the main reason why I’m carrying this camera around all the time. Like, as their own personal paparazzi. It’s like Rebecca said last week, leading up to her wedding: “You think I picked you as bridesmaids ’cause I love you. No.Continue reading “Being pretty is a full-time job”

Slowvannah ramblings

On tours we went on down in Savannah, they referred to the city by a different name: Slowvannah. ‘Cause things move slower in the south. I’ll pause while you do whatever you need to with that last sentence. Ready? OK. We learned the reason for Monday morning call-ins is often the “Slowvannah Flu.” And weContinue reading “Slowvannah ramblings”

Georgia On My Mind

I’m in love I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! With a city. Is that weird? Is that possible? Would that get me a show on TLC? Naw, seriously though, if the city of Savannah, Georgia was a person… I might marry it. Just sayin’. My BFFs and I spent four-ish daysContinue reading “Georgia On My Mind”