Merry Christmas, boys and girls

My gift to you – an amazing version of the famous story “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Seriously. Ryan Gosling’s in it, need I say more? drunk-history-christmas-with-ryan-gosling-jim-carrey-and-eva-mendes?playlist=featured_videos And now that you’re done with that, go watch the rest of the Drunk History videos. You won’t be sorry. Oh yeah, and merry Christmas and all that.

18. Santa letters

For every Christmas since I’ve worked for a weekly newspaper (that’d be four, if anyone’s counting), we’ve run letters to Santa from local kids. The letters have been hilarious – one kid once asked for a fake mustache and a snake – and also kind of sad – one girl asked for something nice forContinue reading “18. Santa letters”

How to make sure you get all the awesome presents you asked for this year

Me to group of five-year-olds this morning: “How do you stay on Santa’s good list?” Little boy: “You have to respect Santa.” Me: “And how to do you do that?” Little boy: “If he gives you something for a present and you don’t like it, you just pretend. You act like you like it evenContinue reading “How to make sure you get all the awesome presents you asked for this year”

9. Interviewing kindergartners about Santa

Did you know that Santa is 20 and if you don’t have a chimney he just makes a hole in your roof and throws the presents down it? He also has the capabilities to make a key if necessary. He eats anywhere from 2 1/2 to 30 cookies Christmas Eve night and starts his routeContinue reading “9. Interviewing kindergartners about Santa”