The first sign your friend might be a serial killer

A few years ago I went to see Dave Matthews Band with my friend, Amber, at Riverbend. Awesome venue, weird rules. Like, no chairs allowed, even though a majority of the venue is grass. Amber was not a fan of the chair rule. Was it because they were worried about people hitting each other withContinue reading “The first sign your friend might be a serial killer”

You CAN read my p-p-p-poker face

Recently added to the list of things I can’t do – which already includes waking up before 6 a.m., hiring a reporter, calculus, watching any more of the Saw movies and singing Ashlee Simpson songs alone at karaoke – is car shopping. I’ve owned two cars in my life, the first bought as a ChristmasContinue reading “You CAN read my p-p-p-poker face”