Artificial warmth

Feelin’ a little low and frozen from the previous and present Snowpocalypses? Look at this adorableness and let it warm your heart.

Wild Man Charlie

So the last time I actually sat down and wrote something for this blog was in September. And it was about my family’s dog, Lucy. The reason I haven’t really written since September also has to do with a dog. Only this time it’s my dog. That I am solely in charge of. Yes youContinue reading “Wild Man Charlie”

A conversation that could only be had in this apartment

Me: Liz is coming over tomorrow night to watch LOST. Anthony: Cool. Save it (on the DVR) for me. Me: Nope. I’m going to delete it. And then I’m going to delete all your memories of it. Anthony: That’s cool, ’cause all day long at work I’ll be researching unorthodox ways to kill you. Me:Continue reading “A conversation that could only be had in this apartment”