Remember how I talked about First World Problems? I thought it’d be funny to keep a log of the ones I was “suffering from” in the past couple weeks. They’re all really serious things to worry about, you guys. I’m way behind on all my shows. I have no time to catch up on theContinue reading “#firstworldproblems”

Wherein I contemplate getting a brand-new face

I hate my senior pictures. There I said it. Hate them. It’s really not a secret though, I’ve joked on them since we got the proofs and my mom framed an 8-by-10 of probably the worst one, one that still hangs in the family room at their house, so that the only way I couldContinue reading “Wherein I contemplate getting a brand-new face”

Why I Won’t Shop At Meijer/Grammar Ninja

I have a bumper sticker on my car my roommate got me one year that says “Grammar Ninja: Ruthless, Deadly, Articulate.” It’s true. I am a Grammar Ninja of some sort, if such a thing exists. I don’t think I’m really deadly though. As a journalism major, fan of the English language and supporter ofContinue reading “Why I Won’t Shop At Meijer/Grammar Ninja”

The Real World is not real.

For some strange reason I keep subjecting myself to the RIDICULOUSNESS that is MTV’s The Real World. Why, you ask? Maybe because it makes me feel better about myself. I am thankful that neither I nor anyone else in my life are that crazy. Where do they find these people? They’ve all got some sortContinue reading “The Real World is not real.”